Thursday, January 27, 2011

Ode to eBooks (not really, but kinda)

Ok, so look around.  I know rain is kind of depressing, but two things:  1.  It's the perfect reading weather (inside, of course) and 2.  Doesn't it look cool on this page?  That's really why I did it.  I'm so shallow:)

Now, where to start, where to start?  How about with a book?  Sounds like as good a place to begin as any, I think. 

I am getting ready to publish a novel called THE REAPING that will be available ONLY as an eBook.  This one is a young adult book, though I classify it that way partly because of Carson's age.  But it's really a good adult read, too.  Click on the tab above to read more about it.

The reason I'm publishing strictly electronically?  There are several really, but one of them is the price.  A bad economy doesn't negate people's need to be entertained, but sometimes paying twenty bucks for a book just isn't in your budget.  That's why you get an eBook!  With Kindle prices coming down and the advent of smart phones and iPads and all that, I think it's awesome that you can buy most books for less than five bucks, with some even less than a dollar. 

How, you ask?  How can that be?  No overhead, that's how.  Virtually no expenses whatsoever.  It's a beautiful thing and I love it!  Myself, I am getting away from buying physical books.  I mean, who has the room to store all of them anyway?  My shelves are overflowing as it is.

Plus, I want everyone to be able to enjoy my book at a reasonable price.  And I hope that everyone who reads it DOES enjoy it.  It's one of my biggest reasons for writing, although I will probably always write because if all the crazy things in my head don't come OUT, they will slowly drive me insane.

What I really want is to give people that same feeling when they read one of MY books that I get when I read someone else's.  There's nothing better than to escape into another world, another person's life and worries, and know that, in the end, it all works out just fine .  At least it does in MY books.  You can rest assured that, unless my body is taken over by an evil alien who wants to make you cry for a week after reading their book or I suffer some catastrophic brain injury that completely alters my personality, you will never, EVER be depressed at the end of one of my books. Curious, maybe.  Satisfied, hopefully.  But depressed, never.

So, look for THE REAPING on Amazon.  Let me know what you think.  I plan to make it a series and do two more books because they will tie in with another series, Nine Lives.  I don't know if any other author has written two series that, themselves, are part of a larger series, but I thought it would be kind of cool.  You know continuity and all that.  The first one in the other series is called Caterpillar.  I will probably post it electronically, too.  It was actually written first, but I wanted to lead with THE REAPING.

Well, gotta go.  Time to get cracking.  I'm right in the middle of editing a novel.  NOT my favorite part.