Saturday, February 26, 2011

Book Bloggers and Reviews

I just can't say enough about book bloggers and how awesome they are.  I mean, yeah, it totally helps that  thus far I've gotten good reviews and I hope that's always the case.  It's certainly my aim--to please readers.  But even if they don't favor one of my books, I have to give props to these amazing people who read so, so, so many books and then share their findings with the world.  Their influence is unparalleled,  their dedication unmatched. 

I'm going to post links to their reviews under the book heading to which the review applies.  At this point, they're all for The Reaping, as I haven't sent out requests to review any of the others.  If you have time, you really should go to each of the blogs and have a look.  They're so cool!  The creativity that these people use in designing and maintaining their blogs, it's really something else!  They're entertaining,  visually stimulating, informative and just downright awesome.

In short, I have to give a tip o' the hat to all the bloggers out there.  I'm a loyal fan!