Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Book Bloggers -- A beautiful thing

Some people may have been out there reading these fantastic people all this time, but me?  I had no idea that book blogs were even a thing until recently. 

After publishing my first eBook, THE REAPING, to Kindle last week, I discovered book bloggers.  And these guys are amazing!  They spend their free time reading and often reviewing books.  Some of them are fairly limited as to what they will review, but still, these folks do amazing things for authors and book sales.  They can provide incredible visibility and their recommendations carry a tremendous amount of weight.

So, I'm doing a shout out (I've always wanted to say that, and since I'm not gonna be winning an Oscar anytime soon, this is my chance) to the all the frickin' awesome book bloggers out there.  Thanks for doing what you do, which I'm sure at times feels more like a job than a hobby, and for supporting us authors.  I hope the rest of you will start reviewing Indie Authors and self-pubbers (hint, hint, cough, cough, ME!!).  You can still be selective, but maybe you could just try it.  It just may very well be that you're missing out on some talented people out there who've just decided to take a different road.  Another thing to consider is that the road less traveled (eBooks) is quickly becoming a path traveled nearly as frequently as the traditional way of big publishing houses.  I'm anxious to see what the next couple of years does to the industry.  It's a brave new world out there, guys, and I'm goin' with it!