Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My Favorite Things

Ok, so Amazon lets you put things that they sell on your website or blog as a quick access point to purchase those items, which I think is very cool.  Sooooo, I am going to take a leaf from Oprah and start a "Michelle's favorite things" slideshow.  I'm going to change it every week and just put random things that I enjoy, things that I see/watch/hear/read/purchase that someone else might like, too.  And, yes, there will probably always be at least one pair of shoes on there.  They don't sell coffee or chocolate at Amazon, but shoes are right up there underneath them as some of my favorite things. 

I used to be a tomboy, like BIG TIME!  I even used to hunt with my dad years and years and years ago (strange, I know, since I'm such an animal lover now).  But when the realization hit that I'm a girl, it hit HARD!  I totally went the opposite direction, favoring everything pink, sparkly or scented (if possible, all three at once).  So here I am today, one of those people who can be easily distracted by something shiny, but I'm owning it:)  You could probably spot me at the mall; my ADD really kicks in there.  Wish I was at the mall....[sigh]. 

Anyway, check out the first few things that I love and stay tuned for more.  There's always more!