Monday, March 14, 2011


Does anybody else ever wake up with a "stick it" attitude?  I do.  Occasionally.  I did today.  Usually this happens the day following some kind of emotional turmoil.  I think days like these are God's way of giving me a break from my neurotic, thin-skinned self.  AND I LOVE THEM! 

It's so unusual for me to NOT care what other people think, how they feel, what they say, how they treat me.  But every now and then, I guess I just get fed up with caring and I get a day off.  A vacation from me.  And it's wonderful.

In light of this beautiful, sunny day and my (literally) carefree attitude, I'm posting "Sing" by My Chemical Romance.  Sometimes we all just need to say what we mean, to scream it out loud and let the chips fall where they may. 

So, world, I raise my glass to you.  Today, I'm singing!