Friday, March 4, 2011

The Reaping at .99, a Wiccan Freeby and Trailers up and running

Okay, so obviously I've discounted The Reaping to .99.  YAY!  I've started doing plot outlines for the sequel so I decided to drop The Reaping in preparation for the next one.  It won't be ready for a while yet, probably late April, but I've started the groundwork, so...

Secondly, Smashwords is doing a Read An EBook Week and I'm putting Wiccan in the pot for FREE!  If you want to try something that's like a paranormal romance/murder mystery blend, then check out Wiccan while it's FREE!

And lastly, I finally got both trailers up and running.  It took me forever to hear back from the songwriters, but I finally did.  I had to redo The Reaping trailer and use a song from YouTube (great song, though- I love, love, love Evanescence).  I just really liked it with the song that I picked out for it.  But, the songwriter didn't want it used for anything like that, so I had to set it to different music.  That's ok, though.  The song is great and it still sorta fits.  On the other hand, the people with A Life Divided were awesome about me using their music for the Wiccan trailer and I hope it gets them a ton of sales and attention.  It's a really, really good song.  I'm surprised I've not heard it elsewhere before.  Maybe I'll just be the trendsetter this time.  Yikes!  Watch out world:)

Anyway, having some company for the weekend.  I'm looking forward to it.  I'm gonna eat good food, watch good movies, buy good stuff and laugh A LOT!!  I'm very excited.  I need a nap already:)

Hope everyone has an awesome weekend and that the weather is beautiful.  #sunshine