Friday, April 22, 2011

BLOOD LIKE POISON: For the Love of a Vampire

Or is it Blood Lik Poison? 

Y'all, I'm such a doofus!  I typed in the name like that on Barnes and Noble and, of course, it's taking forever to process so I'm having to check it 6,000 times a day to see if it's ready for me to go in and change it.  Blood Lik Poison--what a compelling name!  :)

Anyway, I'm happy, happy, happy to report that I have published the book and it is available right this minute at Amazon.  Smashwords wanted a formatting correction so it will be live there later this morning and B&N, well, they're probably having a good laugh over my type-o, but I'm hoping that when they compose themselves they'll get right on finishing with it:)

I know you're not supposed to toot your own horn or say that one book is better than the others.  But, if I'm being honest (which I always try to be), I have to say that this is by far, BY FAR my favorite book.  It's not as action-packed as The Reaping, but something about these two people just resonate with me.  And, ladies, I'm just going to tell you right now that Bo is frickin' awesome.  At least he is in my head.  If I've done a decent job of putting him on "paper", you'll probably feel that way, too.  At lease I hope you will.

Anywho, I went ahead and posted the page for it, but I'll be updating the links to purchase it as they go live. 

One more thing.  If you like (or lik) my books, please tell others.  It's a hard business out there, publishing.  Especially self-publishing, so I could use all the help I can get and would be ever-so grateful for it.  It wouldn't hurt my feelings one bit if you went on Amazon or B&N or Smashwords and talked me up in a review.  Not one bit, I say.  In fact, I can promise you that if you want to say my stuff is the best thing since sliced bread, I wouldn't be mad at all:)  And, of course, I want to hear your feedback on this new book, so let me know. 

All in all, I hope Bo finds his way into your heart like he did mine and Ridley's.  Whew!  He's kind of a catch, y'all.  I'm just sayin'...

Here's the cover BTW.  Oh, yeah and...IT'S FRIDAY!   In the words of the most awesome tuxedo-wearing, salt-and-pepper hair-having Emcee in the world, Michael Buffer--Let's get ready to rumbllllllllllle!