Monday, May 16, 2011

The Fabulous Bo

To get in the mood, I think first a little exercise is in order.  For those of us who have read Blood Like Poison, let's take a moment to just think about Bo.  Close your eyes.  Go on, close 'em.  Well, maybe not, because then you can't read this.  DUH, Michelle:)  Well, anyway, do your best.  Ok, now picture Bo.  Maybe he's standing in front of your bedroom window, looking at you.  The moonlight's pouring through the glass, bathing half his naked chest in silver.  Picture his liquid brown eyes, eyes that you'd swear could see into your very soul, eyes that paint a vivid picture of the passion that he's feeling, passion that's all for you.  Picture his silky black hair brushing his strong neck, his square jaw, his perfect mouth.  Picture his super wide shoulders and trim waist, his tight, flat stomach.  Now breathe him in--that tangy, clean scent that's all Bo.  Savor it.  Savor him.  Ahhh!

Now, if you had to pick a song that best described him, what would it be?  Right off the top of your head, what did you think of?  Before I write, sometimes I like to listen to songs that remind me of scenes in my book, the ones I'm about to write.  They sort of set the mood for me, if you will.

For scenes that are heavily Bo-laden, I tend to lean toward sultry songs, like Bloodstream by Stateless.  Damon got me hooked on that one:)  It's a phenomenal song, though, and now I can't help but think of Bo. 

Another is Feelin' Love by Paula Cole

Maybe something more...classic rock, something Bo might like?  I'm curious what you guys think, how he makes you feel, what he inspires in you.  Post a comment, e-mail me, tweet me.  Tell me your thoughts.  I'd love to hear them...

Happy Manic Monday!