Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Interview with Catie and a note

Catie over at Forbidden Passions Interviews posted her interview with me today.  You can check it out HERE.  Go by and give her new blog some love.  She reviews books over at Coffee Times Romance.  Now she's branched out, doing interviews with *cough cough, wink, wink* fascinating people :D

On another note, I cannot seem to post a comment to any of my blogs, so I'd like to answer @Dani's question here.  Yes, I have every intention of revamping (no pun intended) the 2 completed manuscripts that I have here.  I've always loved the storyline, especially of the first one.  They are both vampire novels, though, so I'd like to space them a good bit away from BLP.  Dani, I always love to hear from you, so when I get those suckers fixed up nice and pretty, I'll give you copies of both, on the house.  Deal??  Thanks so much for all your encouraging comments.  Very often, they make my day:)

And, again, for all those who haven't heard me say it and a double dose for all those who have, THANK YOU to every single person out there who reads my book(s).  I'm humbled and thrilled and eternally grateful.

My first blog hop starts tomorrow, so y'all come back and bring some friends (and get them to buy a book while they're here).  Just kidding.  Well, not really.