Friday, September 2, 2011

BLP 3 is available for download!

Because both Amazon and B&N allow themselves 24-72 hours for publication, I always upload early just in case it takes the full 72 hours.  Well, in this case, Amazon is totally on the ball.  I uploaded it last night at 10 or 11 pm so that it would be ready by Monday morning, but this morning I started getting e-mails that some of y'all had already found it and downloaded it.  It's LIVE, y'all!  WOOHOO!  So,below is the link for Amazon and I'll update this post with the B&N link when it goes live there. 

Update:  It went live on B&N in the late afternoon.  The link is below.

Happy reading!  I hope you enjoy all the Bo:D  Squeeee!

Amazon and B&N