Friday, September 9, 2011

Come Spend a Weekend in Savannah!

Several other Indie authors and I are going to be spending the weekend of October 28-30 in Savannah, GA.  We'll be hanging out with fans, doing a meet-and-greet dinner, enjoying a haunted tour, signing books and having a great time in general.  There is a website that is in the process of being established for the event.  You'll be able to find out all the information there.  Until then, below I'm posting the other authors who will be attending, the hotel where we'll be staying (you can use the link to make reservations for yourself because you'll be eligible for the group discount, too) as well as the haunted tour we're going to take.  The event website will have an itinerary and more information, but I thought I'd go ahead and post a few things so that any of you who would like to come can begin making arrangements to do so. 

Okay, so far the authors are:

Fisher Amelie
Abbi Glines
Tiffany King
Wren Emerson
Laura Elliott
Amy Jones
CA Kunz
Trisha Wolfe

The Marriott that has been gracious enough to host us and give us the group discount is HERE

The haunted tour page is HERE.  They are giving our rowdy group, including all of you who want to come with us, a private tour at a discounted rate.

The Pirate House for the meet-and-greet dinner is HERE

You should really consider coming on down and joining us!  I foresee 48 hours of pure fun and awesomeness!

Until we can get the website up, if you have questions e-mail me at  Hope you can come!!