Wednesday, October 26, 2011


The second and final book in the Fahllen series is complete and it is available here at Amazon and Barnes & Noble as of Monday, October 31st

I want to take a minute to point out that two of the character names in this book were inspired by people that I've sort of "met" in real life, people that I wanted to include in this book in some small way.  Only the first names were used.  The characters themselves and their lives are complete works of fiction and not based on fact of any kind. 

The first is Ryan.  She is a wonderful girl that I met via e-mail that really touched me with her messages.  Although the Ryan in the book is nothing like her, I wanted to include Ryan as a name so that the real life Ryan would know that anything is possible in life, even seeing your name in a book.  So Ryan you know who you are and I hope you like the story.  Sorry about what happens to the Ryan in the book:)  hehe  The second character is Amy, named after the one and only creator of the cover for The Reckoning.  Amy, at least someone named Amy got to date someone who looked exactly like the Dean we know and love.  *sigh* 

With that said, let me introduce you to the conclusion of The Fahllen series.  *drum roll please*  Here it is, y'all!  The Reckoning--the cover, the description and a brand new excerpt.  I hope you all get it, read it and love it!  See you Monday!!

Carson Porter thought she’d had one of her most challenging years to date when she began her transformation into a reaper, but little did she know her battle had only just begun.

Faced with changes in her boyfriend, Derek, the fear of her sister being able to steal her powers through mirrors and having to fight her every step of the way to rescue even one soul, Carson is ready to throw in the towel.  Only she can’t.  During a visit from an angel, Carson learns that her destiny is far more important than even she realized—and far more deadly.  Can she dig deep within herself for the strength and the perseverance that she’ll need to carry out her mission?  And will she have to do so without Derek or can she recover the man she’d once loved so desperately?  Find out in the exciting conclusion of the Fahllen series, The Reckoning.


This time, it was my heart that I heard thudding in the quiet of the room.  It felt as though it might leap from my chest and burst into a million pieces.  I could feel the surge of…something, something foreign and electric, something powerful and white.

Just then the same buzz that filled my head during a call started up again, louder than ever and spreading.  I could see it behind my eyes.  I could feel it beneath my skin.  It vibrated inside my bones and made my teeth chatter.  My hair felt like it was on fire and my fingers burned like ten tiny flames.  I dropped Amy’s hand and held mine up to my face.  I could see small arcs of electricity jumping between my digits, sparkling and snapping as if from the ends of loose wires.

Beyond my fingertips, I saw Amy’s body begin to buck and seize and the murky form that floated just above it sank back into place.  Without any thought to the phenomenon that was going on inside my own body, my movements based on instinct alone, I reached for her, placing my hands in the center of her chest to hold her still as she thrashed about.

Amy stiffened immediately, every muscle in her body tense with the current that was passing from me to her.  I could see the tendons in her neck straining and her jaw was clenched so tight I could hear her teeth grinding.  Inside her sandals, her toes were as pointed and as rigid as a ballerina’s.

I jerked my hands back in horror.  Instantly, Amy’s body relaxed back onto the tile floor, her head lolling lifelessly to one side. 

Dear Lord, what have I done?