Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My muse brings me something new

Well, despite my best laid plans for getting all my sequels out, my obstinate muse has been harassing me about a wonderful new story.  And guess what?  Today, after wrestling with her for weeks, I gave in and decided to type just a few opening words, in hopes that getting it out would allow me the peace to finish Madly.  Not so.  I was immediately absorbed!  I typed 1000 words in just under an hour and I'm so excited about this book I can barely stand myself.  I even wrote a bit of a blurb about it, which I will wait to share, as my books seem to change dramatically from beginning to end no matter how much I think I have it all laid out in my mind.  I'll keep you posted as to my progress on my What I'm Writing Now page.  In all seriousness, y'all, this might be my favorite project of all time.  I'm already in love with the characters and the story is blossoming in front of me like a rose in spring.  This is why I love to write.  In times like these, it's almost better than breathing.  Almost:)

For those of you who are counting on reading more about Madly and Mercy (Wiccan), the two sequels I've been working on, please hang in there!  I WILL get them done, it just might be after the first of the year.  I hope that the work I bring you in the meantime will be worth having to wait a little longer to read more about the characters you already like.  Maybe you'll fall as deeply in love with them as I have--from page 1.

I know I've said it before, but it bears repeating on a daily basis.  I love each and every one of y'all who read and love my work, allowing me and inspiring me to continue writing.  I strive to bring you fresh new stories and better work with each book I write.  I hope and pray that it comes across to you, the ones for whom I create, in just that way.  Consider it a labor of love, 'cause that's exactly what it is:)