Friday, December 23, 2011

Secret Santa & Grand Prize Winners!

Alright, folks, the day has finally arrived.  The winner for my Secret Santa giveaway as well as the Grand Prize winner have both been randomly drawn and the winners are...

*drumroll please*

*yes, I have a flair for the dramatic- it can't be helped*

Bearrocks101 for my giveaway and Vanessa Eric for the Grand Prize!

CONGRATULATIONS, y'all!  I truly hope you enjoy your books.

Bearrocks101, please contact me at within 48 hours so that I can get your books to you.  Vanessa, Laura Elliott will be getting in touch with you and then each author will get her book(s) to you individually:)

Christmas is a short two days away and I hope it is the most amazing day of the year for y'all!  Don't forget the reason we celebrate Christmas and by all means enjoy the good food, the great family and all the wonderful blessings we have. 

MERRY CHRISTMAS and, as always, TGIF and happy reading!!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Gravity and an update

Okay, so I know I don't post a lot on my blog about my WIPs other than on my What I'm Writing Now page, but I want to give a general update slash explanation slash plan so that those of you who have never checked my update page will know.

I began Madly book 3 some time ago, but I got to a point where it just wasn't flowing.  Personally, I believe there is no worse work than forced work, so I put her aside to work on something else that was really blossoming in my mind.  I know better than to tangle with the muse.  She can get very ugly when provoked.  LOL  Anyway, the WIP to which I refer now has a name.  It's GRAVITY

The story is still growing in my mind so I don't want to post a blurb until I know for sure that it won't change again before completion.  As soon as I have it nailed down, though, I'll give you a nice little teaser as well as the back cover description.  I can tell you right now that it is the story of Trace and Peyton as they learn that their lives and their friends are not who they seem and that their bond with each other is the one thing that ties them to the only reality they've ever known.  When they're apart, everything changes.  And not for the better.   I know that's not a lot to go on, but it's shaping up to be a great story in my head.  Now I just have to get it down on "paper" for you.  It is my sincere intention to have it completed by the end of January and pubbed sometime shortly thereafter.  I have a lot of work ahead of me, but I'm really hoping that things will settle down around here so I can get back into the swing of things.  Down to business.  Nose to the grindstone.  Pedal to the metal.  The holidays are like quicksand for me.  Fun, delicious quicksand, but quicksand nonetheless. 

Anyway, as soon as I complete this book, I plan to finish up Madly's next story and then I'll see where I'm at with...everything else.  THANK Y'ALL so much for being patient.  I put out 9 books in 2011 and I plan to do something similar in 2012.  I guess I just had to have a break:) 

THANK Y'ALL so much, too, for your support and encouragement.  I can't tell you how much it means and how your support really affects my everyday life.  I'll just say it's HUGE and leave it at that:D 

Merry Christmas everybody!  I hope your holidays are full of fun and cheer and blessings and that 2012 promises to be the most awesome year yet.  Our glasses are more than half full and that's a heck of a way to start a year:)

Friday, December 16, 2011

Secret Santa Giveaway


Remember when you were in school and someone decorated your locker with wrapping paper and candy canes and big red bows? Today there’s a note taped to the outside of your locker. It reads:
Enter the Secret Santa Giveaway from Dec. 16 to Dec. 22, 3PM Pacific and on Friday, Dec. 23, Noon Pacific you could find TONS of books inside!

GRAND PRIZE: A Kindle or Nook copy of the books featured on the Grand Prize List!

To enter the Secret Santa GRAND PRIZE Giveaway just FOLLOW & comment on a carni’s site telling us why you’ve been naughty or nice this year. Each carni will have individual giveaways too so be sure to visit all the carnis to win as many books as possible!
ALL WINNERS ANNOUNCED 12/23/2011, Noon Pacific.


Did you get all that?  Should I reiterate, just for the sake of theatricality?  Probably.  Why, you might ask?  Because I have an innate flair for the dramatic and it shows up at the most inopportune times.  Like Christmas, for instance.  Yes, it annoys my family, but whataya do? 

Okay, so here's the deal.  All us carnis are doing book giveaways for Christmas.  Just travel around to each of our blogs and make a comment telling us how you've been naughty or nice this year and you'll be automatically entered to win.  There will be different goodies underneath each tree, so it will be worth your time to make the trip.  Plus, it's Christmas!  You should stop by and have a cup of eggnog anyway.  You know, just to be sociable:)  *hands cup of eggnog*  Aren't I the hospitable one?  hehe

*you sputter* 

*I pat you on the back, concerned* 

Are you alright?  What?  My eggnog sucks?  Well, of course it sucks.  I never said it didn't.  I was just trying to be niceI didn't know you'd think my eggnog would actually be good!  You should really avoid making ridiculous assumptions like that.  LOL

Now about the grand prize.  Be sure to visit the YA Author Club Blog to check out that whopper-of-a-prize.  I don't even know what all is in it, but I can tell you it's a HUGE pile of carni books!! 

I know you're all excited now (well, at least you should be), but just hold your horses and let me do first things first.  Check out who's hiding under my tree and enter to win Kindle copies of these treasures before you hop on the merry-go-round and go visit the others. 

Alright, y'all, hang on!  Here we go...

By Laura A. H. Elliott

Twelve-year-old Roxie wants to be like Adrianne, the popular girl, the peacock, who gets everything she wants––a trampoline, a flock to prowl around the mall with, and most especially invitations to parties. But everything changes when Roxie invites all the popular kids in the eighth grade to her thirteenth birthday party on Halloween and they all come. And a boy, the boy, actually talks to Roxie. Roxie has the best night of her life until the peacocks decide they want to celebrate her birthday in a way Roxie never expects––in her attic, with a gift that is out of this world, and a pact to never tell a living soul what happens next. BONUS MATERIAL: A Sneak Peek of TRANSFER STUDENT, a YA freaky-Friday story about how a geek, alien boy and a Beverly Hills surfer, fashionista survive each others' lives only to fall in love with each other, a galaxy apart.

By Courtney Cole

Macy Lockhart is a normal girl with an abnormal bird-shaped birthmark on her wrist. She doesn’t even think twice about the odd marking until strange things begin happening to her and an anonymous gift is left on her doorstep… a beautiful, blood-red pendant. A bloodstone.

It isn’t long before she is surrounded by craziness… ancient high priests, visions and memories that she can’t explain. And that’s just the beginning.

She quickly comes to the realization that the bloodstone wasn’t just given to her… it was returned to her. It has been hers all along, for thousands of years. She has lived hundreds of lives and all of them have been important.

But before she can even come to terms with that craziness, she is forced to return to one of them that was particularly tragic….a previous doomed life where she lived as Cleopatra’s handmaiden, Charmian.

Fate, the very thing that she is born to protect, is being threatened in a way that would destroy history as we know it. The fate of the world literally sits on her shoulders. But of course, just handling that small issue would be too easy.

Unless she interferes with destiny, her soul-mate will die. Can she really stand aside and allow the love of her life to die all over again?
By Tiffany King

Krista Miller feels like she has lived her entire life in a glass box with her every emotion on display. She can’t help feeling like a defect as her sensitivities have made her socially inept and without any real friends; the one exception being the boy that visits her each night in her dreams.

Krista’s emotions are put to the test when a move to California triggers a devastating change to her fantasy world. The nightly comfort that the boy provides has now become a recurring nightmare as he is taken from her by an unseen force.

Struggling to appear normal, Krista enrolls in a new school and finds it to be nothing like she thought. Her new life is sent spiraling out of control from a strange connection with a boy, Mark, who claims to know all her secrets.

As Krista begins to explore the emotions that Mark evokes in her, secrets about their mysterious past and their predestined purpose threatens to separate them just when they have found each other.

By Nichole Chase

Ree will face the darkest form of betrayal before the year is out.

Seventeen year old Ree McKenna has three goals: get through high school, convince her crush she is more than his best friend’s little sister, and save money for college. Fate, though, has other plans for her. After the untimely death of her older brother, Ree is haunted by dreadful nightmares and terrifying visions. To make matters worse, Ree has started to suspect that something dangerous is stalking her from the shadows.

A night full of frightening surprises leaves Ree with unsettling news. Gifted by the gods with unusual powers, she must devote herself to a battle that could very well lead to not only her death, but the demise of everyone she knows and loves. After all, Ree is the only mortal standing between the Earth and utter darkness.

By Amy Maurer Jones

Do you remember how horrified you were about the idea of attending high school? I remember ticking off those last miserable days of my summer vacation following my eighth grade year. Maybe you don’t, maybe you were one of 'those people.' You know who I’m talking about, people like Melissa Small, the distinguished District Attorney, Larry Small’s daughter, popular, gorgeous... and absolutely terrifying to someone like me, Liv Glyn. No, I am far from measuring up to the standards required to make Melissa’s crowd. I’m not even close. I’m just a simple man’s daughter, mostly tolerated by my peers with average looks. If this isn’t depressing enough for you, stay tuned, it gets worse. I was commanded with Spirit at birth by the Great Spirit, Hala. I know, it sounds crazy but it’s true. If you think it's difficult being a teenager, try being a teenager who was born destined to save the world from soul sucking Daevas and their mutant progeny Aengels. There are four of us. My companions of Spirit are Laith, Brayan and Meena. Melissa Small is Laith’s step sister and she is always meddling where she doesn’t belong, further complicating our lives. To make matters even worse, my best friend Jedd is apparently aware of things that are typically undetectable to ordinary humans. So, I have to lie to Jedd, the boy who has been my constant standby since the third grade, to shield him from the horrible and very dangerous truth. Did I mention that I think I’m falling in love with him? The term awkward doesn’t even begin to cover it, trust me. Welcome to the mess that is my life.

TGIF everybody!  Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Feliz Navidad, all that fun stuff and, as always, happy reading:)  Now go say "HI" to the others!

Dani Snell Refracted Light Reviews
Patti Larsen Author of The Ghost Boy of MacKenzie House, The Hunted Series and the Hayle Coven Novels
Courtney Cole Author of Every Last Kiss, Fated, Princess, and Guardian. Also a contributing author in The Glassheart Chronicles
Nicole Williams Author of Eternal Eden, and Fallen Eden. She is also a contributing author in the Glassheart Chronicles
Fisher Amelie Author of The Understorey, as well as a contributing author in The Glassheart Chronicles
Laura Elliott Author of Winnemucca as well as 13 on Halloween, book 1 in the Teen Halloween Series
Amy Jones Author of The Soul Quest Trilogy as well as a contributing author in The Glassheart Chronicles
Rachel Coles Author of Diary of a Duct Tape Zombie, Whistles, Beergarden, Plagues, Bees of St. John, and Mushrooms
T.R. Graves Author of Warriors of the Cross
PJ Hoover Author of Solstice, The Emerald Tablet, The Navel of the World, The Necropolis
Alicia McCalla Author of the upcoming science-fiction novel Breaking Free
Abbi Glines Author of Breathe, and the upcoming Existence and Vincent Boys
Cheri Schmidt Author of Fateful, Fractured, and Fair Maiden
Lexus Luke Author of Manitou, The Sky People Saga
Suzy Turner Author of December Moon and Raven
K.C. Blake Author of Vampire Rules
Gwenn Wright Author of Filter
Kimberly Kinrade Author of Bits of You & Pieces of Me and Forbidden Mind
Darby Karchut Author of Griffin Rising and the upcoming Griffin's Fire
Madeline Smoot Author of Missing, Summer Shorts, and The Girls
Cidney Swanson Author of Ripple series
Heather Self Blogger, Reviewer and upcoming Indie Author

Monday, December 12, 2011

Interview with the amazing Callum & Harper

How rockin' is my blog?  VERY!!  This week I get the privilege of hosting yet another INCREDIBLE talent.  Today, it's author Fisher Amelie.  She has stopped by on her blog tour with the two main characters from her latest book.  Their names are Callum and Harper and the book is title, appropriately enough, Callum & Harper.  First you've got to check out this FAB cover!  It's completely original and I fell in love with it instantly.

Now, I'm gonna start you off with the back cover blurb for the book so you'll know who these awesome peeps are.  Then I'm gonna treat you to Harper's interview of Callum followed by an exclusive excerpt.  Then, at the bottom, stay tuned for links to reach Fisher and the book, as well as giveaway information.

Alright, y'all, here we go!  Meet Callum and Harper.


Life sucks for orphans Callum Tate and Harper Bailey.

Kicked out of their foster homes because they suffer the 'eighteen disease' with nothing but a hundred dollar check from the government and a pat on the back, they're forced to rely on a system that failed them miserably.

So they sit. They sit inside Social Services, waiting for their social workers to call their names and offer them the miracle they know will never come but they sit anyway because they have nowhere else to go, no other options on their very literal and figurative empty plates.

But as they sit, they notice the other. Although captivated, they each come to the conclusion that life is complicated enough without throwing in a boiling tension that can't ever be acted upon because they're both too busy thinking about where their next meal will come from but when their names are called and both are placed on a year long waiting list for permanent housing, suddenly relying on each other seems like a very viable plan B.

And, oh, how lovely Plan B's can be.

Well, except for the psycho from Harper's past that haunts her and, oh, yeah, there's the little issue that neither of them knows they're in love with the other.

Needless to say, Callum & Harper's life just got a bit more complicated.

“One day, you and I are gonna’ wake up and be alright. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow but one day. One day. I promise you.” - Callum Tate


Harper: Hey! Welcome to the interview, Callum!
Callum: (Nothing)
Harper: Dude, are you listening to me?
Callum: Hmm?
Harper: Are. You. Listening. To. Me.?
Callum: What? Of course.
Harper: Okay, tell me what I just said.
Callum: That, said, "Callum is amazing!"
Harper: Not even close.
Callum: You don't find me amazing?
Harper: Stop taking over my interview!
Callum: You don't like it when I take over your interviews? How does this make you feel?
Harper: You're possibly the most vexing human being I know.
Callum: That must be tough. Tell me a little about why you feel this way?
Harper: That's it! I'm telling! Fisher!
Callum: (Shoves lightly at Harper's shoulder, starts sweating and shifting eyes) No! No! I'll be good. I promise.
Harper: (Huffs) Fine.
Callum: Come, let's start over. (Smiles charmingly)
Harper: (Through gritted teeth) Alright, brat, welcome to the interview.
Callum: Thank you, Harper! It's so nice to be here! Thanks for having me, Miss Leighton.
Harper: (Sighs) Alright! So, Callum! Tell us a little bit about yourself.
Callum: Sure, I'm a Sagittarius. I like long walks on the beach, picnics in the park.
Harper: Callum.
Callum: Alright. I'm eighteen. I live in New York City and I'm about to start school at NYU.
Harper: (Five minutes passes in silence) Alright, I officially suck at this.
Callum: Thank you. Can we just talk then?
Harper: Fine. Did you talk to Charlie today?
Callum: Yeah, he's doing well. He'll be back soon.
Harper: Cool.
Callum: Poor, Miss Leighton.
Harper: (Facepalm) I know! I prepared! I have questions lined up but they're lame!
Callum: It's alright. Um, okay, let's 'would you rather'.
Harper: 'Kay, you start.
Callum: Hmm. Would you rather...wake up to find your neck has grown five inches longer or that your rear end has doubled in size?
Harper: Ooooh. That's good. Okay, I'd go with the bum enlargement.
Callum: I never would have guessed that for you. If I had put money on it, I'd have lost. Why?
Harper: Because the neck thing would require surgery. I could just run the butt off.
Callum: Practical.
Harper: Thank you. You're turn. Would you rather...have five bottles stuck on the fingers of one hand for a year or have a bucket stuck on your foot for a year?
Callum: Bucket. Hands down. The hands, need 'em for eating, doing hair, things of that nature.
Harper: Yeah, that's an easy one.
Callum: Okay. (Gulps) Would you your life in love with your soul mate but your soul mate doesn't know it or marry someone mediocre who can love you back but still know your soul mate is out there?
Harper: This is, uh, this is a hard one. I guess, uh, the soul mate one?
Callum: Really?
Harper: Yeah, um, I mean, is that weird? (Gulps) I don't think I could honestly marry someone else if I knew my soul mate was out there somewhere, ev-even if they don't care the same way for me.
Callum: Huh.
Harper: What about you? Which would you rather?
Callum: The same answer. It's just funny.
Harper: Why?
Callum: You're the only one I know who would have picked the same answer.
Harper: Yeah, that is funny.


Oh dear Lord, we’re leaving at the same time. If she hadn’t stopped attempting to hide her smile, I would’ve been forced to reveal my plans to toss the stranger outside against the brick and kiss her face until the sun set.
She passed ahead of me and I caught a whiff of her shampoo, involuntarily sending my eyes into the back of my head. This chick was a walking version of the Pixie’s “Where Is My Mind?”. Sexy. As. Hell. Though, now that I think about it. Is hell sexy? I’m guessing not. I continued to watch. Her hips could have kept time with the damn beat.
“Here, let me get that for you,” I said, throwing open the door. The sun cascaded down her copper hair and made her eyes feel transparent.
“Thank you,” she shyly said but offered up a cute lopsided grin as if to say ‘good boy’. Thanks for the bone, buttercup.
She took the wrought iron steps down to the sidewalk two at a time, which told me she was in a hurry and since it was nearly sunset, I was willing to bet that she and I were heading in the same direction. I scrambled at what to say while her feet scurried along the pavement.
Say something! “Where you headed?” Clever.
She stopped and turned.
“Uh,” she said, seeming embarrassed. She thought twice for a moment before stiffening her body and raising her chin. “I’m headed to..” Confusion set in. She glanced down at the same piece of paper I, as fate would have it, held in my own hand. “Hope House, on One Hundred and Second,” she finished.
“What a coincidence,” I teased with a slight grin.
“You too?” She asked, one eyebrow raised. Cynical, a product of the system.
“Yup, what can I say? Looks like we share the same amount of luck.”
“Which would be?” She asked.
“Nil, if you’re going to Hope House.”
She laughed at our dire situations which was pretty much all you could do.
        “Want a ride?” I asked. She didn’t answer me, obviously not willing to trust me, so I offered, “Listen, by the time you walk there they’ll be closed and definitely won’t have any spaces open. If you ride with me, at least we have a chance of getting a spot for the night.”
        She sighed. “A valid point,” she said, looking around for my car.
        I’m embarrassed by this. “Uh, “ I said, scratching the stubble on my chin with the backs of my fingers. “I don’t actually own a car.” I point to my vintage nineteen-fifty Indian motorcycle. “Come on. It’s better than walking, right?” I stuck my hands out in offering.
        She smiled slowly in appreciation, her mouth curling up at the sides and her eyes squinting into the sun. Her head bobbed slowly up and down on her neck. A silent yes. “I’d probably pick this over any car on this street.” She stood back and admired it. “Solid black,” she said. I nodded, intrigued. “Nice,” she simply added.
        You think so? I plan on fixing her up when I get the time and, of course, the money. She’s been good to me, though,” I said, patting the handlebars. “She’s pretty much all I have in this world.” Harper looked at me as if in pity or maybe it was understanding. I really hoped it was understanding because if a girl that beautiful pitied me, I didn’t think I could stand it. “Hop on,” I said. She straddled the back of the leather seat and slid her duffel across her chest to sit behind her. “Uh, you might want to, uh,” I said awkwardly, struggling with how to ask her to push her hair back so I could fit my helmet on her.
Instead, I set the helmet on the seat between her legs and brazenly ran my fingers through her hair. It flowed off her shoulders and settled onto her back. The scent of her shampoo bombarded me one more time and I swayed slightly at the assault but regained my stance. I grabbed the helmet off her lap and fit it onto her head. She giggled at the awkward familiarity of it.
“Sorry,” I said. “But I wouldn’t dream of putting you on the back of my bike without this.”
“It’s alright,” she said, but paused. “Why? Are you an unsafe driver?”
        "No, uh, my parents died in a car accident when I was four,” I said matter-of-factly.
        "Oh, I'm so sorry.” She had the decency to look sincere. That was pretty refreshing, actually.
        "It's alright," I sighed, shrugging my shoulders. "I barely remember them."
        "I don't know anything about mine," she said, studying her feet, then realized what she was doing. "Harper Bailey," she said cheerfully, holding out her hand, revealing a dimpled grin.
        I  buckled the clasp around her delicate chin, resting my hands on the top of the helmet playfully. "My name is Callum Tate and I’m going to take care of you, Harper Bailey."
        Her extended hand dropped into her lap. Her eyes went wide and her mouth dropped open. "Wh...what did you say?"
        Shit. Was that was too forward? "I'm sorry,” I said, shaking my head. “I'm Callum Tate. It's a pleasure to meet you, Harper Bailey." I grabbed her thin hand and a shot of warmth crept up my veins and shocked my heart into a frenzy.
        The smile that had so quickly faded before came back with a vengeance. She squeezed my hand in greeting and whispered, "It's very nice to meet you, Callum."
        I climbed on to the front part of the seat and started the engine. Harper settled her hands on the side of my ribs and I couldn't think of anything I wanted more than her arms wound tight against my chest. Suddenly, I couldn't get on the road fast enough.

Y'all!  Seriously, does this not sound like a book that you MUST READ, like, today?  Yep, that's what I thought.  That being the case, I'm giving you all the info you'll need to track down the incredible Fisher Amelie and her books. 

Fisher Amelie resides in the South with her kick ace husband slash soul mate. She earned her first 'mama' patch in 2009. She also lives with her Weim, 'Jonah', and her Beta, 'Whale'. All these living creatures keep the belly of her life full, sometimes to the point of gluttony, but she doesn't mind all that much because life isn't worth living if it isn't entertaining, right?

Fisher grew up writing. She secretly hid notebooks and notebooks of dribble in a large Tupperware storage container in her closet as a kid. She didn't put two and two together until after college where it suddenly dawned on her,

"Hey, I like writing".
She's a bit dense.
"No, I'm not."
"Yes, you are. Put down that Oreo, your butt can't take any more."
"You're rude."
"Yeah, yeah."
Anyway, she likes to write and has finally beaten her self-esteem into submission enough to allow herself to be scrutinized under the 'other readers' microscope. "No! No! Not a cover slip! Last time it gave me a ra...." (mumbling)


Fisher is running a contest for the length of her book tour! To win a signed copy of Callum & Harper just click here

          Fisher at her website.
          her Book Trailers here
          Fisher on Goodreads here
          Fisher on Amazon here
          Fisher on Barnes&Noble here
          Fisher on Facebook here
          Fisher on Twitter here

          like talking to her in private? We don't blame you, she is
          easily persuaded into doing illegal things. E-mail her at
          Don't worry, she's put up a firewall that no government agency
          could penetrate.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Author Tiffany King and The Ascended Blog Tour

I'm so excited, y'all!  Today I am featuring the incredible Tiffany King on my blog.  Eeeeep!  For those of you who don't know her, she is the author of the Saving Angels series and she is one amazing talent!  She has just completed the third and final book in the trilogy and is taking the literary world by storm with a 24-day blog tour, replete with all sorts of prizes.  So, once you've read this amazing excerpt, keep going right on down the page.  You'll find all of Tiffany's contact information, details about the prizes and an itinerary for her tour stops.  Soooo, without further ado, here's a sneak peak at her third novel, The Ascended.

The darkness that surrounded me was as oppressive as ever. I could feel it seeping into my every pore, growing heavier and thicker with each passing moment. I was too scared to move, afraid I would run into some kind of obstacle, or worse yet, step off into some unseen void. I clamped my eyes tightly closed and rubbed them with my knuckles, trying to decipher any kind of light or outline, but it was no use. The blackness continued its unforgiving assault on my senses, making me shrink in the vast nothingness. The hair on the back of my arms stood on end as a cold bead of sweat trickled its way from the nape of my neck all the way down my spine. Suddenly, I had the feeling there was someone—or—something in this dark cavern with me. Maybe it was just my own paranoia...this kind of pitch black really screws with your head.            

"Who-o-o's th-there?" I finally stuttered out in a near whisper.            

 I jumped at an abrupt onslaught of noises coming at me from multiple directions. My mouth opened to scream, but no sound escaped as fear tightened its grip around my throat. I was completely disoriented from the darkness and became lightheaded as I spun around trying to protect myself from a possible attack from behind. As I stood in place, trying to regain some kind of control, I suddenly realized that the noise was merely an echo from my own voice.            

Relief flowed through me, as I worked to slow my breathing and calm my heart that was beating like a race horse in my chest.            

Cautiously, I placed my right foot in front of me while I kept the majority of weight on my back leg in case I encountered air instead of solid footing. My relief grew as my foot hit solid ground. I raised my left foot to take another tentative step, using my outstretched hands as a guide. Before I could complete my forward motion, I heard a soft sinister chuckle close to my ear. Pulling back quickly, I stumbled in my haste to distance myself from whoever was lurking in the darkness. My feet tangled together making me land in heap on the hard ground.            

I wrapped my arms around myself, cowering in fear as the single chuckle turned into multiple laughs from every direction. Chocking on my fear, I tried to scoot away from the laughter by sliding across the surface on my bottom. The noise bounced off the unseen walls of the space I was in, closing in on me from every direction. I gasped in terror as a cold dead hand grabbed my arm.


You can find Tiffany here:


And you can find the first two books here:

Meant to Be
Forgotten Souls

Now, here are the details about the prizes and giveaway:

1)   Every three days, Tiffany will compile a list of the names of people who have commented on the blogs for those days.  She will then randomly draw a winner who will receive an eBook of one of The Saving Angels books.

2)   For the grand prize, every person that leaves a comment on one of the blogs will be entered to win a signed poster of one of Tiffany's book covers. She will also be giving away a signed set of all three books.  Soooo, you'll have four chances to win a grand prize. Extra entries will be given for every blog you leave a comment on, so if you visit all 24 blogs you will be entered 24 times into the grand prize drawing.

Here is her itinerary:  
December 4th Courtney Cole
December 5th M. Leighton
December 6th Magical Urban Fantasy Reads
December 7th Nichole Chase
December 8th Two Chicks on Books
December 9th The Autumn Review
December 10th Shelly Crane
December 12th Jennifer Snyder
December 13th Devyn Dawson
December 14th Laura Elliot
December 15th fiktshun
December 16th Bookish Babes
December 17th Tess Watson
December 18th Megan Duncan
December 19th Hey it’s Fishy
December 20th Abbi Glines
December 21st C.A Kunz
December 22nd Teenage Reader
December 23rd Secret Lives of Fiction Lovers
December 24th Michelle Muto
December 25th Christmas Day
December 26th Amy Jones
December 27th Fisher Amelie
December 29th Sean Hayden
Okie dokie, be sure to leave your comment and follow the rest of her blog appearances.  You will fall in love with her and her work if you haven't already:)

Happy reading, y'all!!

Friday, December 2, 2011

YA Indie Carnival- Fiction Pie

Why does this picture always make me think of the movie Young Guns?  It's very strange, but I want to put on a cowboy hat and spurs, mount up like the Regulators and go shoot at empty pop cans.  Does anyone else feel that way?  *crickets chirp*  No?  Just me, huh?  *awkward silence* Okie dokie.

Ahem.  So, moving right along... :)

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FICTION PIE: The recipe for a plot

Well, let me first say that if you're looking for a recipe on practically anything, you've come to the wrong place.  I'm no gourmet chef, I don't do very well following recipes, I never write anything down, and I never make something the same way twice.  Unfortunately, most of that terrible culinary skill carries over to my writing.  Luckily, with writing, all of those things aren't necessary to craft a story.  I know there are many people out there who have very methodical ways that they create.  They plot and outline and write the first line of each chapter so they can stay on track.  Not me.  I soooooo wish I was that kind of writer, but alas *sigh* I'm not. 

My books happen to me.  Literally.  More often than not, a plot idea comes to me in the shower.  As I'm washing and rinsing my hair in fact.  Maybe there's something in my shampoo.  Hmmm...  Anyway, as I'm finishing up my ridiculously long shower, I'll think on that tiny seed and let it germinate.  Maybe the water of the shower helps.  I don't know, but at some point it will grow into enough of an idea that I am forced to hop out dripping wet, risking life and limb to I slide precariously across the wet floor to get my paper and pen (which, yes, I keep in the bathroom-hehe).  After that, sometimes it's over.  Sometimes that was it, that one short burst of something cool, but nothing of substance ever shows up to attach it to.  But then there are times when it is the beginning of...something.  Sometimes the idea just won't let go and I'll keep thinking on it until I have to get my brainstorming book out and flesh out the plot a little bit more.  At that point, I make a bunch of mostly unintelligible notes about where the idea is taking me in my head and I try to refine it a bit more as I write. 

Now, if that turned into a book, that would be pretty frickin' cool and easy, right?  Right.  Well, it doesn't.  At least not for me.  Y'all, I can have the whole thing planned out in my head and, as soon as I start writing, the characters will change it.  They'll do something unexpected or go somewhere and get hurt or say something that changes everything.  It happens with every single book I've ever written.  They refuse, absolutely refuse to stick to the plan!  They are what really make a story for me--my characters.  Once I add them to the mix, the tale really comes to life.  In fact, it comes to life in such a way that THEY are telling ME the story and I'm merely transcribing the whole thing.  Point in case:  the new book that I'm working on right now, the one that my muse would not let me have any peace until I started on, it began in a COMPLETELY different way.  But then my characters showed up.  Once they arrived and introduced themselves, the story blossomed into something totally unrecognizable and 100% organic.  They started telling me about their lives and their future, about their struggles and their dreams.  They started telling me about love and sacrifice, and I just started writing it all down.  Now, I show up each morning to listen intently as they speak, and I'll listen until they are silent, until they've told me their story.  That's when I'll have my next book--when they've finished telling me all that they wanted to say.  After almost a year, I've learned that the best thing I can do when writing is just shut up and listen. 

I'm sure that if you came looking for a step-by-step process for coming up with a plot for a work of fiction, my shower story helped you NOT AT ALL, but what I hope you'll take away from this is that the creative process is different for everyone.  That's part of what makes all our stories so unique.  We are all individuals with something to say.  We just go about it in totally different ways.  And this is my way.  Like it or not, flowery and methodical or NOT, this is my recipe for Fiction Pie.  Sometimes it's delicious.  Sometimes...not so much.  For me, the end result is up to the characters.  But that's okay, because in my opinion, they're what make the meal great anyway.

Okay, y'all, that's it!  Now hop on the merry-go-round and go visit my partners in crime.  I'm sure they'll have something interesting to say.  They're all fabulously talented and likely much better with recipes than I am.  In fact, a Labradoodle is probably better with recipes than I am, but I digress.  LOL 

TGIF y'all and, as always, happy reading!

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