Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Plumes Do Florida

Okay, this Sunday I will be leaving South Carolina to venture down to Orlando to meet up with all the lovely ladies (and gentleman) that comprise the Paranormal Plume Society.  This picture is the original group, but now it will include the likes of the extremely talented Shelly Crane, Addison Moore and Courtney Cole.  YAY!  We'll be attending some functions at several local schools and then doing book signings in the evenings.  In and around all of that, hijinks and fun will ensue:D  What else would a lively bunch such as the Plumes do when we're away for a few days together?  LOL  Needless to say, I'm very excited!!

Until then, I'll be working on finishing up the last 1/3 of GRAVITY.  In light of all the things I have yet to do this week, I'm not sure I'll be able to get it completed before I go, but I'm going to try.  It's my goal to at least get it done and out to my beta readers.  That way, when I get back I can begin editing it, get it published that following week and then resume work on MADLY book 3.  I hope to be so settled, so back into my old routine, so recovered from the holidays that I'll be able to work on two books at once again.  If that's the case, I'll be working on MADLY and the second and final book to WICCAN.  That's the plan anyway, what I'm hoping for *crosses fingers* 

Thank y'all for being so incredibly awesome and patient while I get my mojo back.  I'm feeling almost normal these days and look forward to February being like a sigh of relief as far as being back to the old me.  Yep, can't wait!

Happy reading, y'all, and have an amazing week!