Thursday, January 5, 2012

Too Many Resolutions! Make it Stop!

I don't really do New Year's resolutions per se, I just always have several things that I want to improve upon or begin or quit shortly after Christmas. Like eating pounds and pounds of chocolate for instance:D  LOL  It just so happens that these revelations and epiphanies somewhat coincide with New Years.  This year I'm totally overcome with resolutions, epiphanies and revelations.  Sheesh!  I didn't realize I was such a train wreck last year:D  hehe  Anyway, this year the holidays were particularly hard on my inspiration and creativity.  I've started 4 different books and have not a single title completed and ready to publish, so I'm sure it goes without saying that part of my 2012 resolution is to find my muse, wrestle her to the ground, drag her back by her hair and settle down into my groove.  Some days I think I'm back on solid ground.  Other days, not so much.  I'm still sticking with the plan, though, which is to finish and publish GRAVITY, the new book I'm working on, then finish MADLY book 3 then start on WICCAN's second and final book and then (maybe, probably, hopefully) the second of Cat's NINE LIVES.  That's a pretty ambitious plan, right?  Yeah, I know.  But I published 9 books last year, so I don't think what I'm aiming for by summer is in any way NOT do-able.  I just think I'm gonna have to tighten the time belt a little.  And that goes for the chocolate one, too.  DANG IT!!

I hope y'all had amazing holidays and that 2012 has started off in a most phenomenal way and only gets better with each passing day.  I figure it this way: as long as we have hope that tomorrow will be awesome, we're good to go, right?  Right.  I mean, seriously!  Where would we be without hope? 

Happy 2012 everybody!!