Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sealed with a Kiss and Transfer Student Cover Reveal

So, my lovely friends in the Paranormal Plume Society and I are doing a series of blog posts about our first meaningful kiss.  For some, that was their first actual kiss (trust me, y'all don't want to read about mine!).  For others, it was the first kiss they shared with their soulmate.  Many of them have been sweet, many of them have been funny, but all of them have been entertaining.  No pressure on me, right?  Not at all!  'Cause you know, I'm bringing up the rear of this thing.  And no, we don't need to talk about how fitting that is.  *ahem*  Anyway, first I need to set the stage for y'all by telling you a little bit about how my relationship with my husband began. 

Year: circa 1980
Location: Smalltown, USA
Setting: The "neighborhood"

I met my husband when he and his family moved into our close-knit community.  We called it the "neighborhood."  We were both still practically in diapers.  Well, pretty close anyway.  Maybe riding tricycles.  Yeah, that's better.  Less creepy.  Anyway, being kids, it didn't take long for him and his brother to come out and play with us.  And, being kids, it didn't take long for us to take them in as one of our own.  Right off the bat, I thought he was cute.  He was super tan and had gorgeous brown eyes.  He could run really fast and he had superhero sheets (I found that out the completely innocent way).  I thought his brother was really weird, though.  And I told him so.  I mean, he always had a Kool-Aid mustache.  That's weird, right?  Right.  Well, needless to say, it wasn't the ideal start of a friendship, to insult someone's family.  Thirty-some years later, that's still true.  The brother still has a Kool-Aid mustache. 

Nah, I'm kidding.  About the mustache part.  The part about my husband being cute is still true to this day, as is the part about it being a bad idea to insult someone's family.  Anyway, just about the time we all learned to get along, my family up and moved to a different state.  Sounds like that should be the end of our story, right?  Wrong. 

Fast forward six years and we were already moving back.  By that time, my future husband and his family had moved to a neighboring town.  That was all right, though, because our schools played each other in sports, so I still got to watch him run up and down the basketball court.  And that was nice!  Have I mentioned that my husband has spectacular legs?  No?  Well, he does.  But that's neither here nor there.  And yes, you should totally stop visualizing him in shorts.  It's freaking me out a little.  hehe

Now, fast forward ten more years.  My childhood neighbor and playmate had graduated highschool, a year behind me I might add (I have a bit of cougar blood, if I've never mentioned that before), and gone off to college.  Pre-law no less.  I guess it goes without saying that he's wildly intelligent.  *waggles eyebrows* Anyway, he was home for the summer in 1997 when we happened to run into each other in a video store.  There was instant attraction.  We flirted a little and teased each other over who had the greater vocabulary.  The word that I pulled out to win that battle was "antithesis."  Yes, I still remember it.  Strange beginnings, I know, but intelligence is second only to humor on my list of soulmate must-haves.  And he had both.  In spades.  So anyway, what did I do when I found this jewel?  How did I go about making him mine?  I set him up with my best friend, of course.  I know what you're saying.  WHAT?  Yep.  It was my strange way of putting him to the test.  I wanted to see if he'd go out with her.  And guess what.  HE DID!   I suppose by all rights, our story should end right there. 

But it doesn't. 

Fast forward a couple weeks to the night of the Holyfield-Tyson rematch.  I was having friends over to watch it on Pay-Per-View.  My best friend came.  Of course.  And she brought him.  Of course.  We both behaved ourselves.  We were casual.  Non-flirtatious.  But there was something there.  I mean REALLY there!  The more everyone talked, the more I realized we had practically everything in common.  Only he was now dating my best friend.  What was up with that?  Oh, that's right.  My bright idea.  Grrrrrr!

Fast forward another couple weeks.  Things weren't working out with him and my best friend, yet I was still friends with them both.  It seemed only natural that he would be able to talk with me about what went wrong, right?  Right.  Only he didn't.  Oh, we talked all right.  But very little about my best friend.  We talked about everything else.  We watched movies and hung out and we laughed and laughed and laughed some more.  And sparks flew.  But neither of us made a move. 

Until One Fine Day. 

No, not one fine day.  Well, I guess it was one fine day, but I meant the movie, One Fine Day.  With George Clooney.  I had watched it and was going on and on about what a good kisser he undoubtedly was.  I mean, he really got in there and went to town on Michelle Pfeiffer!  Well, my future-husband took exception to my gushing, citing that his prowess was equal to if not superior to the yummy George Clooney.  My only thought was to wonder when in the devil was he ever gonna prove it.  But I didn't push it.  And sometimes patience is a virtue.

That very evening I got a late-night knock at my door.  Who could it possibly be?  You got it.  It was him.  No, not George Clooney!  Sheesh!  But, to me, it was someone even better.  And what did this magical man bring me?  A THESAURUS!  Now I know that sounds laughable to everyone reading this, but if you knew me at all, you'd know how terribly appropos that gift was.  Not to mention that it was a direct reference to our very first re-re-re-acquaintance.  At any rate, he delivered his very thoughtful gift, dropping it off and announcing that he had to leave.  But, but, but...  How could I salvage this moment?  What could I do?  Well, I could walk him out, see him off properly, like a nice girl would.  Yeah, that's what I'd do.  So I did.  And that's when it happened.

The night was warm and balmy.  The purple-leaf plum at the corner of the house was still in bloom and the sweet fragrance hung in the air.  I was wearing silk pajamas that whispered when I moved.  He was wearing shorts that made his butt look perfect.  He stopped on the first porch step and turned around.  I leaned against the column right in front of him.  And then, citing his need to show George Clooney up, he kissed me.  And I mean he REALLY kissed me!  I'm talking the hands in my hair, stars in my eyes, curls in my toes kind of kiss.  You know, the kind that tells you there's something special between you, something that will last forever.  I still smile every time I think about it, mainly because I'd say he was right.  I think he does have a little som'n som'n on George Clooney.  The G-man could never have kissed me like that.  And I wouldn't have wanted him to.  After all, I had my Prince Charming.  And he'd brought me a thesaurus.  What more could a girl ask for?

So that's my story. I'm sure y'all have your own, so speak up!  Leave it for the rest of us to read.  It is Valentine's Day after all, and this stuff is like crack for me, so spill it!  And if this one's not enough for you, go back through the last 13 days' worth of posts and see what my awesome friends have to say about the subject.

Also, go ALL THE WAY DOWN to the bottom of the page because I have an especially sweet Valentine's Day treat--the cover reveal for Laura A. H. Elliott's upcoming release, Transfer Student.  Check it out before you go!

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY, Y'ALL!  Go get your kisses!

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