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YA Indie Carnival- Some Like It Hot!

All right, ladies and gents, I'm practically drooling over today's post topic, so I'm gonna get straight to the point.  Why?  Because right after this, I'm gonna beat feet over to all the other carni blogs to read their excerpts, too.  Squeeeee!

Today's topic is...

*drum roll please*

Some Like It Hot!  Steamy scenes from our books.

As you all know, I love me some steam!  Whew!  Heck, who am I kidding?  I live for it!  I make a concerted effort to keep my books clean, as they are YA, but my heart really lies with those intense romantic moments where intimacy and love collide.  Ahhhh, yep, I like it hot! 

*stares off into space, lost in thought*

What?  What happened?  Oh, right.  Steamy scenes.  Gotcha.  So, I'm posting a scene from the third book in my Blood Like Poison trilogy.  I think it speaks for itself, so without further ado, I'm bringing the steam!


Rather than tearing my clothes off and whisking me away on a wave of sensual satisfaction, Bo tore open his wrist and held it to my lips.  Without hesitation, I touched my tongue to the trickle and lapped it up, reveling in the taste.  I closed my eyes to savor the flavor.  There was no comparison to blood that came from Bo.  Not even Cade’s delicious fluid could compete with the sweetness that pumped through Bo’s veins.
As I suckled greedily at his wrist, Bo walked me backward to the bed.  When the backs of my knees hit the mattress, I stopped.  Bo took his wrist from my mouth and covered my lips with his own. 
He wanted me.  Badly.  I could taste it as plainly as I could taste his blood.  And, somehow, it was even more delicious, even more irresistible. 
When I felt his hands at my waist, I didn’t hesitate to lift my arms as he pulled my shirt up over my head.  Then his lips were on mine again, devouring me.
His hands roamed up and down my back until they stopped once more at my waist, coming around to my belly.  I felt his fingers working loose the button and zipper of my jeans.
He leaned back to look at me and then dropped to one knee to pull off my shoes before he eased my pants down my legs.  Obligingly, I stepped out of them.  Bo’s eyes never left mine as he stood.
Bending, he swept me up in his arms and laid me gently back on the bed, my head resting once more on the mountain of pillows.  The stimulating rasp of velvet against my naked skin sent a cascade of chills skittering across my chest and belly. 
Backing away, Bo reached for the hem of his own shirt and peeled it off, revealing to my starving eyes the pale, smooth skin that covered his muscular chest and stomach.  When he reached for the button of his jeans, he paused.  My eyes flew to his and I saw the blaze of my own desire reflected there, scorching in its heat and intensity.
The grate of metal teeth drew my eyes back down.  I was immediately mesmerized by the play of muscles in Bo’s arms and abdomen as he unzipped his jeans and bent to remove his shoes.  When he straightened, he didn’t take off his jeans.  Instead he crawled up onto the bed and took my foot in his hand, pressing his lips to the arch.  His eyes didn’t leave mine as he licked and nipped his way up the inside of my leg.
When he laid my leg back on the bed, he trailed the fingers of his other hand up the inside of my right thigh, gently spreading my legs so he could stretch out on his belly between them. 
Heat swept through me as I looked down at Bo’s burning eyes where he hovered only inches from the place I needed him most.  As I watched, he pulled his lips back from his razor-sharp teeth and then drove them into the tender skin of my groin.  A shower of fire and light exploded inside me and I closed my eyes and let the pleasure consume me.
I could barely breathe, the sensation was so incredible.  The intimacy of it, the bliss of it was so intense that all thought was washed away by wave after wave of ecstasy.
When Bo’s mouth moved from my leg, I felt his lips graze my left hand.  I opened my eyes a crack and saw a golden band encircling my ring finger.  My befuddled mind wondered over it for just a moment before it returned to Bo as he kissed his way up my body.
Stretching out atop me, Bo nestled his hips between my thighs as his mouth covered mine.  I tasted the delicious flavor of my own blood when he slid his tongue between my teeth to tangle with mine.
Shifting his weight to one side, Bo’s knowing fingers teased a trail from my throat to my shoulder where he eased my bra strap down.  His lips followed the path with feathery kisses all the way to my breast.  I couldn’t hold back a moan as his skilled tongue adored every inch of flesh he revealed. 
A liquid heat began to bubble just below my navel.  I knew instinctively that this was our moment.  This was our time—the right time.
  Reaching behind me, Bo unclasped my bra and quickly dispatched the material.  He leaned back, his eyes roving over my bare breasts causing a flush to spread across my chest. 
“You’re so beautiful,” he whispered reverently.  “Perfect.” 
  His fingers slipped beneath the band of my panties and he worked the silky material down my legs until he was once again at my feet. 
Tossing my last piece of clothing aside, Bo slid from the bed and stood, worshipping me with his eyes as he pushed his jeans down his legs.  He straightened and stood perfectly still as I raised myself onto my elbows to memorize every detail of his flawless naked form.
I felt as though I would burst when Bo set one knee on the bed and crawled back to me.  He eased himself down between my legs, covering my body with his.  The feel of his skin shifting against mine sent a gush of steamy desire pouring through me. 
Every nerve in my body was screaming out for his touch.  I ached in ways I’d never ached before, ached in places I’d never ached before.  I was alive with need. 
When I opened my mouth to beg, to plead with Bo to put an end to the unbearable want that flooded my body, he smothered my plea with his lips.  His kiss was deep and fiery with passion.  It drove me to the brink of a need so desperate, a desire so overwhelming that it stole my breath. 
Bo’s lips left mine as he positioned himself over me.  With an intensity that seemed to singe my very soul, he gazed unblinkingly into my eyes, and in that time, a space no longer than a single heartbeat, our thoughts were one.  In my head, I heard a word as if we’d both spoken it aloud. 
“Forever” echoed through my mind and through my heart as Bo joined his body to mine in one smooth motion. 
With that one action, in that one moment of the most intense ecstasy I’d ever experienced, he sealed our fates.  He sealed our fates, our bodies, our lives, our love and our future.

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