Sunday, March 25, 2012

Wishing for Someday Soon by Tiffany King

Well, today I'm one of the lucky ones who gets to host the awesome author, Tiffany King, who is here with the much-anticipated release of her newest book, Wishing for Someday Soon.  Squeeeee!  Since I know y'all are as excited as I am, I won't dilly dally.  I'll cut right to the chase.  Hang on, 'cause here we go!



Seventeen year old Katelyn Richards is a stronger person than anyone will ever know, and that is just the way she wants it. Behind her normal fa├žade, lies the reality of a broken home life. Thanks to her abusive mother, a string of deadbeat stepfathers, and an unsympathetic system, Katelyn has learned that the only one she can count on is herself. Her life’s mission has become to shield her nine year old brother, Kevin, and to give him the future that they both wish for. A life with no more abuse, no worries about where their next meal will come from, and no more wondering if they will have a roof over their heads.
When her mother moves them again, this time to a small town in Montana, Katelyn’s resolve is shaken when she meets Max, a cute boy from her new school who gets a glimpse into her real world. Max slowly manages to break through Katelyn’s wall of distrust, stirring up feelings she never saw coming. Now with her world more complicated than she ever intended, Katelyn struggles with the decision to follow her heart into the arms of the first boy she has ever loved. A decision that could risk the promise she made to protect Kevin, and to give them the ‘someday soon’ that is so close within their grasp.


“Huh?” I asked looking up. My face filled with color as I took in his boyishly handsome face. He had thick brown hair that threatened to fall in his eyes if not for the hand he used to push it back off his forehead. His eyeS were the typical brown you would expect, but seemed to sparkle as he smiled at me. Within our endless travels over the years, I had run across my share of cute boys, and even went out with a few, but it was the dimples that sat in both corners of his mouth that instantly captivated me and set him apart from any other boy I had ever met. He was more than boyishly cute, the word steamy jumped to mind. I knew without a shadow of doubt he was trouble.
And wait!  There's more!  Get this, Tiffany is doing a blog hop giveaway!  Woot! 

Collect the letters from each of the excerpts provided by all the blogs listed below and then head back to to plug them into the secret phrase. You could win a Wishing For Someday Soon t-shirt, mouse pad or a signed copy of Wishing For Someday Soon!!! Take the time to leave a comment on each blog you visit and you could win a Kindle copy of Wishing For Someday Soon on the day it releases!!