Friday, April 13, 2012

YA Indie Carnival - Friday the 13th

Cue the creepy music!  OMG, I can actually hear it in my head!  I grew up LOVING scary movies and Jason Voorhees was one of my faves!  Freddy Kruger, Michael Myers, Leatherface, that chick from the Ring--GAH!  I love 'em/ hate 'em all!  That love might have had the teensiest influence on the gore found in Caterpillar.  MIGHT HAVE:)  LOL  I really enjoyed mixing romance with the horror in which Cat was living.  Of course, even the awful things she saw were tolerable once Tegan entered the picture.  Whew!  That guy is some kinda HAWT! 

For today's subject, I'm not going post the scariest scene.  I don't want to ruin it for those of you who haven't read it and might like a little fright.  I will, however, post one that had both an interesting creepy character and one that led to something...steamy.  It's my favorite combination.  I won't spoil all the steam, but I'll lead you right up to the end of the scene that precedes it.


I drove to my house.  I was still feeling a little jumpy after the cat incident.  Add to that another murder and the strange yet powerful attraction I felt toward Tegan and I was feeling pretty antsy.  And the incongruity of it was extremely disconcerting. 
I waited for him to park behind me.  When he got out, I said, “I guess you want to come in and grill me, huh?”
His voice was a low, scratchy rumble, like velvet.  “Something like that,” he said.  Something about the way he said it made it sound wicked, like he had much, much more in mind. 
I tried to ignore the tingle of sheer pleasure that danced along my nerves.  We walked to the front door together in silence.  On some level, I noticed that the cat was nowhere to be found, but I didn’t give it much thought.  I wondered absently if he had gone back to Aunt Jillian’s.  A crashing sound ripped my focus away from Tegan and back to the inky night.  We both stopped, turning our heads toward the sound. 
Tegan was on high alert.  He was perfectly still, but I could feel his tension, his readiness, like electricity in the air.  It hummed all around him.  He reminded me of a rattlesnake, coiled and ready to strike.
A dark figure, possibly the one I’d “seen” stepping onto the front porch earlier, emerged from the bushes.  Even when he stepped into the low light coming from the window, he was still cloaked in deep shadow, like he carried the dark, the blackness, within him.  He didn’t move particularly quickly.  He more lumbered, like someone capable of brute force but also a debilitating clumsiness.
When he came at me, I stumbled backward.  He hoisted something into the air then lunged.  Before I could react, Tegan stepped in front of me, shielding my body with his own.  I saw Tegan catch the man’s weapon between his hands then turn it back on him.  Tegan jammed the object into the man’s chest, the crunch of bones shattering the otherwise silent night. 
Dumbfounded, I watched the man fall to the ground.  Degree by degree, the darkness that surrounded him receded, draining away like he was shedding blackness rather than blood.  It revealed a skull covered in deathly pale skin—and nothing else.  There were no eyes or nose or mouth.  No hair, no face.  The thin skin enveloped his entire misshapen skull then webbed out and connected to his shoulders. 
I watched his body wiggle and contort, the darkness continuing to abate, revealing more pale skin.  A thin membrane connected his arms to his trunk and his legs to one another.  It spread like gauze between his fingers and toes.  As his thrashing slowed, so did his transformation, leaving him a deformed rectangular lump covered in thin, fibrous skin.
He began to make a strange gurgling noise, as if something wet was caught in his throat, and then he exploded into millions of tiny black spiders.  They scattered in every direction, disappearing into the earth in a flurry of clambering legs. 
I jumped up, scrambling away from the spiders.  I clamped my hand over my mouth to keep from squealing.  When the spiders were gone, I stood staring at the spot where the body had lain only moments before.  I finally looked over to Tegan.  He was standing with a wooden stake in his hand, his breathing labored.  He looked at me and I could see the sheen of perspiration on his face.
“What just happened?”
“I just destroyed a golem.”
“What about all those spiders?”
“Spiders are carriers of evil.”
“Yes.  They can contain it, hold it within themselves.  They’re like empty vessels.  Once they’re filled, they become slaves to the demon who…sort of owns them.  They do their master’s will.”
Something was tickling at the back of my mind, but I was far from thinking clearly.  In fact, I was struggling just to take it all in.  “What’s a golem?”
“It’s a formless, featureless creature that takes the shape its creator specifies and performs whatever duties his creator demands of him.”
My mind was racing almost as fast as my heart.  I’d never heard of a golem, but Tegan had obviously dealt with them before.  “How do you know that?  How did you know that would kill him?”
“A golem isn’t hard to kill.  They have many of the same weaknesses humans do.  A gun would’ve worked just as well, but I just used what he had.”
“Thank you.  You- you saved my life.”
More winded than before, Tegan had to pause before answering. “Not- uh.  Not a problem.”  I could see sweat running down the sides of his face.
“Are you alright?”
“I don’t- don’t think so.  Can we go inside?’
He stumbled up the steps and onto the porch.  I got him inside as quickly as I could, the fist of alarm squeezing my chest in a vice grip.
Tegan went straight to the couch and tried to sit down, but he fell, crumpling into a heap on the floor. 

All right, that was just one of several creepy characters in Caterpillar.  If you'd like to read more, you can do so on Amazon and B&N for only $0.99 or you can purchase my Beginnings anthology, which includes Caterpillar as well as 4 other "book one-s" of my series.

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