Sunday, June 17, 2012

It's Madly Week at Supa Gurl Books!

The stupendously spectacular Heather over at SupaGurl Books is doing a whole week about Madly and all her cohorts.  It starts today and there's something different every day.  I've got to be honest, y'all, there are pictures and never-before-seen excerpts and everything.  So cool!  Annnnnd, on Thursday, June 21st, Heather will have some "lost" pages that came at the very end of book 3.  I think you REEEAAAALLLY ought to check it out!  At the end of the week, there will be a humongous giveaway with two separate prizes and a...special post that I think many, many, MANY of you will enjoy!  *wink wink* 

Here's the Madly Trip Itinerary:

June 17 - All about Madly
June 18 - M Leighton Interview day
June 19 - All about ....It's a Surprise!!
June 20 - Character is stopping by...
June 21 - Lost Pages of the End of Book 3
June 22 - Another Character will be stopping in
June 23 - Surprise Day...

So hop on over to Heather's and see what's what:)  Have a great week, y'all!