Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Okay, so Playlist.com pulled a fast one on me!  It took me days and days to notice.  I suppose, in that case, it really didn't have to be a fast one, now did it?  LOL  They wasted all that energy trying to pull one over on lil ole me...  Anyway, they are now disallowing pop-up players on blogs and stuff.  For that reason, I'm removing them from my sidebar and putting them in link form below.  I will keep this post updated with playlists as I do them for each book.  Sorry for the inconvenience:(  The bright side is that you might stop and play for a while on Playlist.com.  You know, find some new favorite songs, listen to some old favorite songs.  It's a great way to spend an afternoon, which I've done many a time (when I should've been writing:D).  Annnnnywho, it's all good, right?  Right!  So here they are, y'all:

Madly and the Jackal  http://pl.st/p/23178828299

Fragile  http://pl.st/p/23067498763

Blood Like Poison: For the Love of a Vampire  http://pl.st/p/23065824267