Saturday, September 22, 2012

Down to You Trailer, Playlist and Excerpt #5

I am so thrilled and so honored for the lovely and talented Rosette (from those fantastic Literati Literature Lovers) to have done a trailer for a second book of mine!  OMG!  I just can't say how freakin' awesome she is.  Why don't I just show you instead?  Check out her trailer for Down to You:

To find Rosette, click here

Also, you can listen to the entire Down to You playlist on YouTube here

I'm uploading this afternoon, y'all, so that it has plenty of time to post before tomorrow morning.  Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. I'm so excited!  I'll post links the instant it goes live. Unless, of course, it's 3 am.  Hopefully I'll be asleep at that point, but if tonight is anything like last night, I'll still be sitting RIGHT HERE:P

Have a fantastic Saturday!  I'll leave you with this one last excerpt of Down to You.  This is Olivia...remembering...

Excerpt 5:

My first thought upon waking is of Cash.  Licking my stomach.  Tonguing my navel.  And then looking so hard into my eyes. 

God, I could’ve devoured him right then and there!

Damn the bad boys! 

I blame everything on my inherent weakness for them, because my head tells me I should be looking for someone much more suitable.  Someone like Nash. 


In my head, I even sigh over his name.  He’s every bit as delicious as his brother.  Obviously.  They’re twins.  And even though he’s got less of the edge that seems to draw me in like a bee to honey, he’s got so many other things I love.

REMEMBER!  Down to You is an ADULT Contemporary Romance!  NOT suitable for younger readers!