Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Mia's Heart by Courtney Cole

So, the fabulously talented Courtney Cole has just released, a bit early too I might add, her new book, Mia's Heart.  It's the second installment in her young adult series, the Paradise Diaries.  In my opinion, it's the best one yet.  I just love, love, love Mia!  She's got some sass and some spunk and I think her story is an awesome one.  Did I mention there are hot guys galore?  Well there are.  Oh me, oh my!

Without further ado, meet Mia.

My name is Mia Giannis.
I am seventeen years old.
I live in Valese, Caberra.

 This has become my mantra and my lifeline, having recently lost my memory due to a scary natural disaster.

Yeah.  I have amnesia.  Messed up, right?

You don't know the half of it.

 Not remembering anything has turned my world upside down. My parents try their hardest to “remind” me of who I was, but it doesn't feel right. Or, if what they're saying is true and that really was me, I'm not sure I like that person very much.

 And then there’s my love life.  Apparently, Gavin Ariastasis is my oldest and best friend in the world. Also, apparently, we’ve never dated.  But now, noticing him for what feels like the first time, he’s making my heart do somersaults.  He knows me inside and out—the real me.  Plus, he’s sexy and charming as hell.  Sounds perfect, right? 

 But then... there’s the new guy. Quinn McKeyen – tall, gorgeous and deliciously American.  His mischievous grin and slow Midwestern drawl turn my insides to mush in two seconds flat making me question who I really am and what I really want.

 Seriously. What am I supposed to do with all that?!  I feel torn between them, but I barely even know who I am, let alone what I want.

I just hope my indecisive heart will clue me in.  And sooner rather than later…before I lose what little of my mind that I have left. 

You can purchase Mia's Heart on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  You can find Courtney on her blog.