Thursday, December 13, 2012

12 Days of M. Leighton, Day 12

It's Christmas time! Wahoooooooooooooo I feel like Snoopy at Christmas for some reason, like I should be running through the snow, giggling uncontrollably with my ears flapping in the wind.  Only I don't have ears that flap, thank God.  LOL  Anyway, I digress.  Today is the kick off for my Christmas celebration, called THE 12 DAYS OF M. LEIGHTON.  It's my way of wishing you each and every one a very merry and extremely blessed Christmas.

So, let me explain what I'm doing.  Each day for the next 12 days, I'll be posting a different giveaway.  The prizes will start small and end BIG, like an entire set of my paperbacks, signed.  That's 11 books, people!  And until then, there will be all sorts of goodies I'll be giving away.  And did I mention there will be teasers thrown in?  Oh yeah. I'll be posting several Up to Me teasers throughout the next couple weeks, so be sure to come visit for those.  *rubs hands together*  Now, to enter the giveaway, the only thing you have to do is tweet the following phrase:

Love always wins in M. Leighton's world.  Read a book, play to win.  #Giveaways  #12DaysOfMLeighton

That's it.  Easy peasy.  You get an extra entry for tagging me with this phrase on Facebook.  You must be 18 or older to win and the giveaways are open to international participants.

Each evening at 9 pm EST, I'll be announcing the day's winner on my blog.  You'll have 24 hours to respond to me via e-mail ( with your mailing address and any particulars I need (sizes, inscriptions, etc).

DAY 12:  A signed set of bookmarks and postcards, along with 3 silicone bracelets (Hooked on Jackson, Anything for Love, I Pick Treat)

Okay, y'all.  Ready, set, go!  *fires gun in air*