Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas, Leighton style

I hope y'all had an amazing Christmas!!!  Mine was...different, but it all turned out well, which means I couldn't ask for more.

It all began on Sunday as I was packing my car.  I was wearing heels and the grass was wet.  When I came through the front door and hit the hardwood, my feet flew out from under me and I fell.  I thought I broke my arm and possibly my ankle, but, after much tender moving, decided I hadn't.  I was happy to avoid the ER and feel terrible for all those out there who weren't as fortunate.  ER before a holiday SUCKS!

The next day, I got to go to an alpaca farm to shop for some authentic alpaca wool scarves and hats.  They're named after the animal from which the wool was obtained.  There are "Coco Chanel" colors, "Nugget," "Roosevelt," "Granny," "Star," and many, many more.  59 more to be exact.  And they're all different and beautiful!  Even better than that, though, I got to meet some adorable alpacas!  Aaaaaaaaaaa, they're so cute!  One of them tried to nibble my fingers and kept following me along the fence.  She was so freakin' precious, I thought for an instant of bringing her home.  As I studied her, however, I realized she wouldn't fit in my car and my dog might have a heart attack.  Plus, when I got a whiff of her...farmy smell, I figured she'd clash with all my perfume.  hehe  So, I left her with her family. I'm sure she was relieved.  LOL

After that, I spent the evening with my family.  The next day as well.  I ate way too much, collected far too many presents and then traveled home early to avoid tornadoes in the area.  All in all, though, it was a wonderful Christmas, my family and the alpacas being the highlight.  That AFTER, of course, the birth of Jesus.  Without Him, there would be no Christmas:)

I hope y'all had much less drama and at LEAST as much fun and happiness to fill your holiday.  I'm posting pictures of some of my new friends.  Tune in tomorrow for the third Up to Me teaser and a little surprise;)

Much love!!!

Finger nibbler. So sweet!

I'll call this one "stink eye" since that's what he was giving me.

I love the dark brown one with the black face.  Gorgeous!

This is Star, the father of all the others in these pictures.

See?  She's already watching me, getting ready to follow me and my fingers.

And here she is for a little more Leighton.  Her muzzle is soft like a horse's.  Seriously, she almost got  alpaca-napped;)