Thursday, December 27, 2012

Up to Me Teaser #3

How about a little visual aid to go with this one?  Just picture Charlie Hunnam, my celebrity Davenport, with sinfully dark brown eyes.  *sigh*  Delicious!


Cash’s back is to me. I see him run his fingers through his hair and I hear him sigh again.  “I’m asking you to trust me, Olivia.”  He turns to face me.  “Trust in what you know about me.  Because I know, if you stop listening to your fear, you know who I am.  Deep down.  You know me, Olivia.  You know me.”
His voice is sincere. His expression is urgent.  I close my eyes against his face, his handsome face, the face that haunts both my waking and my sleeping world.  I open them again when I feel warm hands cup my cheeks.  Cash is a breath away, his eyes oceans of midnight, drawing me out into the deep.
“It’s me,” he says softly.  “Stop listening to everything else.  Remember the way you feel when I’m kissing you and touching you.  Don’t think with your head.  You know me.  And when my lips are on yours, you trust me.”  As if to make his point, he dips his head and brushes his mouth over mine.  Sparks fly between us.  As always.  “You trust me, when my hands are on your skin.”  He runs his palms down my arms and then over to my waist where he pushes them up under the edge of my shirt.  Chills break out down my back.  “You trust me when you turn your mind off, when you just feel.”

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