Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Wild Ones with...MORE

This post was supposed to go up yesterday, the official release day of the new, steamier edition of The Wild Ones, but...


It didn't go off as planned.  *another sigh as I bite my tongue*  I'm still not sure what happened.  The price was wrong, the cover was wrong, it wasn't showing up on some sites (and still isn't on one that I know of) BUT, today most of that is fixed.  It still isn't easy to find in some cases, but I'm providing links to facilitate that for you.  I wish I could do more to make this right and / or speed things along, but my hands are tied.  Not literally, of course.  If one of the culprits for this fiasco had gotten close enough to tie my hands yesterday, I might've been tempted to head-butt them:)  hehe  To say it was a trying day would be like calling the ocean a puddle.  ;)

Anyhooooo, there's no use crying over spilled milk, so today I'm moving forward.  I still got to (and will continue to get to) see my lovely little book on bookstore shelves, an experience which I hope never to tire of.  To say that it's both wonderful and surreal would be a tragic understatement!  I get all verklempt just thinking about it.  *sniffles*  And if you don't recognize the verklempt reference, you need to brush up on your classic SNL;)  Talk amongst yourselves *said in best Linda Richmond voice*

Sorry. I digress.  Okay, so in answer to one question I've been getting, if you have an older edition, it will NOT automatically update:(  But don't worry, you won't be lost if you don't read the new version.  I would never do that to y'all!  It would be like holding you hostage and I could never do that!  In essence, this version contains some additional steam *winks* (no fade-to-black here!) as well as some explanation in places they felt like some clarification was needed.  Also, some questions were answered.  All in all, just a little extra here and there, but nothing that changes the outcome of the story.  Y'all know I'm a happily-ever-after girl and that will NEVER change:)

I have links where most of you can purchase the new edition of The Wild Ones, but you can also walk right into many of your favorite stores and find it there as well.  *grins from ear to ear*  That's my thing now. It's like a treasure hunt.  I'm going into every store I pass to see if they carry it.  LOL  You may or may not find me standing in the aisle staring at it for inordinately long periods of time. Okay, you totally will.  hehe  In a few weeks, the entire Eastern seaboard will know what a happy nutball I am:D  But I don't care. If they knew what it felt like to have a dream like this come true, they'd do the same thing, right?  Right!

Lastly, before I give y'all another sneak peek at the cover (which still hasn't updated on some sites, but don't worry--as long as the edition is March 5th, you're good to go), I want to take a second to thank you again.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!  *heartfelt and slightly tearful hug*  None of this would be possible without you.  This dream of mine wouldn't be coming true in the amazing way that it is if it weren't for the love and support and encouragement and overall AWESOMENESS of each and every one of you.  I'm more grateful than I could explain, even with the help of a thousand thesauruses in fifty different languages.

I love y'all!  I really, really do!

Okay, back to Trick.  Here he is!  I hope you fall in love with him all over again:)

** I will update and add sites as they come online with the new edition

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