Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Everything for Us Giveaway Bonanza #1

The winner was chosen this morning via Rafflecopter and BarrieMac has been notified via email.  Congratulations!

Okay, so I referenced this in my previous post, and today is the first of a series of giveaways.  I'm calling it a bonanza.  I like saying that.  Bonanza.  BOnanza.  BoNANza.  BonanZA. Monday fun right there, am I right?  *snickers*

Is anyone else remembering the Electric Company show right now?

Anyway, I'll be doing them right up until the Tuesday it releases (September 3).  That one will be a doozy!  But for these, I'll be posting a series of different pictures with excerpts from the book. You choose the picture you like best and share it on FB and/or Twitter (details on what to post are in the Rafflecopter on my sidebar) and voila!  You're entered!

Wait, that sounded bad.


But I digress.  Entering is easy peasy.  Up for grabs is a brand new, shiny and lovely ARC of Everything for Us, as well as a #NashtyGirl t-shirt in either apple or mandarin (pictured at the bottom), and a Cash shot glass.  I'll draw a winner on Thursday morning (9-22) then post different pictures and start this all over again.  I'll rinse and repeat on Monday, Wednesday and Friday of next week and then a different, bigger, better, stronger, faster, bionic-ER giveaway will start on Sunday, September 1st.  If you don't remember all this, don't worry. I'll be doing a post about it on all of those days:)  YAY!

So, recap:  Pick the graphic you like best, share it on FB/Twitter with the post listed in the Rafflecopter, repeat as desired:)

So, the first round of graphics are below. Pick your poison and get on out there!  And, as always, thank you for being awesome.

(pics removed)

This is a pic of the t-shirts, not a pic to post.  hehe