Monday, September 2, 2013

Everything for Us-- why she can't stay away

This is the last glimpse into Everything for Us before it releases tomorrow.  The excerpt comes along with a song that fits the position Marissa finds herself in when it comes to this strong, sexy man.  She knows, without a doubt, that he's bad for her, but she can't stay away. And part of her doesn't want to.  Something in her wants to get as close as she can to the flame.  Every time I hear this song, I think of how she feels, and why.  It's times like the one below that I think I, too, would have a hard time turning away when it feels so, so right.  

The song, Bad for Me by Megan and Liz, is in my sidebar.  I hope you enjoy it.  And don't forget to pick up your copy tomorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrow!  *twirls in excitement*

“I’d be willing to bet your parts are exceptional.  In fact, now might be a good time to warn you that if we come back to this library, I’ll find out for myself.  In this very spot.  I’ll push you up against the books in the corner and I’ll put my hands on you.  I’ll do things to you.  In the quiet.  And you won’t be able to make a sound.  Not a whimper, not a moan.  You’ll have to bite your lip to keep it all inside.  And you know what?” I ask, reaching up to trace my index finger along her full, trembling lower lip. 

“What?” she whispers, her pupils two dilated dots of excitement.

“You’ll love every second of it.” 

With a wicked grin, I take the books from her arms and turn to walk back the way I came.

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