Wednesday, October 30, 2013

ALL THE PRETTY LIES- Cover and blurb reveal

It's been a long time since I've been this excited over a story, since characters ran away with my life and refused to bring it back for weeks.  I'm still suffering from the worst book hangover I've ever had and I've written a book since I finished this one. But that doesn't seem to matter. I can't get Hemi and Sloane out of my head.   And I'm dying to introduce them to you!!  OMG

When I saw this photo, I knew this had to be the cover.  It so perfectly captures not only a specific scene in the book, but the delicate beauty and sometimes heavy heart of Sloane.  It spoke to me so loudly, and I hope it speaks to you, too.  So, without further ado, here is the cover and blurb (and a teeny tiny teaser) for ALL THE PRETTY LIES, coming November 12th:

All the Pretty Lies
“Live, no regrets”

Sloane Locke has led a sheltered life.  However, with a history like hers, she can understand why her brothers and her father want so much to protect her.  She has gone along with it for twenty long years, but those days are over.  For the girl who never makes promises, Sloane has made a pact with herself that things will change on her twenty-first birthday.  So when the clock strikes midnight, Sloane strikes out to spread her wings and break a few rules.

In addition to inking skin, Hemi Spencer possesses many talents. Controlling himself has never been one of them.  It’s never had to be.  He’s lived a life of indulgence for as long as he can remember.  Right up until tragedy struck.  Now, he’s nothing but controlled. He’s a man on a mission, one who will let nothing and no one stand in his way. 

Nothing in their lives could’ve prepared Sloane and Hemi for what they’d find in each other—distraction and obsession, love and possession.  But the one thing they can’t find is a future.  Neither one has been totally honest.  And they’ll soon learn that the devil is in the details.  In the details and in the lies.

How far will two people go to live in the now when the now is all they’ve got?

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Hemi stands to throw something into the garbage.  When he turns back toward me, our eyes collide.  That’s when the impulse hits me.  It slams into me like a gust of wind going ninety miles an hour. It steals my breath and makes my heart beat so hard that I can hear it in my ears.  And for once in my life, I put thought aside. I don’t overthink it. In fact, I don’t think about it at all.  Before I can change my mind, I slide off the table and step toward him.  He doesn’t move, doesn’t back up, just stands tall and perfectly still.  Watching me.  I wonder if he knows what I’m thinking, how I’m feeling. What I’m about to do.  And I wonder if he’ll stop me.

But I don’t overthink that either. If I do, I’ll chicken out.  And I can’t afford to chicken out on life anymore.
I take another step toward him, building up the nerve to just do it, just kiss him.  But Hemi surprises me when he takes the step that will bring us near enough to touch.

He’s so close, my chest almost brushes his every time I inhale. I sway toward him the tiniest bit, craving the contact.  With him.  A perfect stranger.

“Sloane,” he whispers, the sound of my name on his lips bringing chills to my arms again.  He reaches out to push my hair back over my shoulder.  His fingertips linger on the skin of my neck before they fall away.

“Hemi,” I sigh, melting into the heat of his eyes.  I knew there was something between us. Well, I’d hoped. Hoped I wasn’t imagining it. But now I know I wasn’t.  It’s there, staring out at me from behind his hooded midnight eyes. Blatant and unabashed, he wants me.  And I want him, too.

“You need to walk out that door and never come back.”

My heart stops.  Of all the things I thought he might say, this came out of nowhere.  “What?” I ask in a small, uncertain voice.

“You need to leave.  And don’t look back.”

I scramble to recover.  “But…but what about the rest of my tattoo?”

“I’m not talking about your tattoo and you know it.”

“Then what are you talking about?” I inquire, playing dumb to save what’s left of my crumbling pride.

“I’m talking about you.  And me.  This. Us.”

“There is no us.”

“There will be in about thirty seconds if you don’t get the hell out of here.”

“What if I don’t want to leave?” I’m confused. Is he saying that he wants me?  Or that he wants me to go?

“I’m not asking.”


“Why what?”

“Why do you want me to go?”

“Because guys like me change girls like you.”

“Girls like me?”

“Innocent girls.”

“What if I’m not that innocent?”

His lips quirk in a wry grin.  “Oh, you’re exactly that innocent.  I can practically smell it on you. Sweet, pure, untouched.  And, if I’m being honest, I’d like nothing better than to taste that on the tip of my tongue.”

“Then what’s stopping you?”

I watch him wrestle with…something.  “I don’t have the time or the inclination to get involved in ruining someone else’s life.”

“What makes you think you’d ruin my life?”

“Oh, trust me.  I would.”


“But nothing.  For tonight, I’ll be the good guy you need me to be.  Whether you know you need it or not. I’m asking you to leave, Sloane.  But I promise you—promise you—that if you so much as darken my doorway again, I won’t let you walk back out again.”

I’m torn between heady elation and harsh rejection.  “Hemi—”

“Go, little girl,” he says softly.  “Go before I change my mind.” 

Monday, October 21, 2013

Wild Child is LIVE! And it's early!

I guess it's always better early than late, right? Right:)  Here are the purchase links that I have so far. I'll update them as they come online.

I hope you love, love, love the story, and that you'll consider leaving your honest review on your retailer site.  It's a huge help to us authors and I, personally, am forever grateful for your time and your feedback!

I'll leave you with this:  Save a horse, ride a bull!  (<-----you'll totally get that after you read the story)


Amazon US

Barnes and Noble

Amazon UK




Friday, October 18, 2013

Wild Child--the playlist

So y'all know how much I love music and how much it inspires me when I write.  I know you haven't read Wild Child yet, but I wanted to share Rusty and Jenna's playlist with you. I'm curious to see how it sets the mood and tone for the book, if it paints a picture for you.  To me, the playlists themselves tell a story.  I hope they do the same for you:)



Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Wild Child teaser

I have a love/hate relationship with teasers and excerpts.  For me, it is incredibly difficult to pick just one or two parts of books that I adore and expect them to do the story justice.  Do I do steamy?  Do I do funny?  Decisions, decisions.

For this teaser, I chose the heartfelt.  Why?  Because at the root of this story is so much heart.  There's pain and devastation, but there's also hope and happiness.  Eventually. LOL  With that said, I give you a teeny tiny peek at Rusty and Jenna's tumultuous love story.

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Monday, October 14, 2013

Trick or Treat with Rusty winner is...

... Donna V!  Congratulations!  You've been emailed.  Please respond within 48 hours to collect your prizes:)

Tune in tomorrow for an excerpt of Wild Child.

Happy Monday everybody!!!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Trick or Treat with RUSTY

Gather, kittens!  I have a delicious task for you today.

In honor of the upcoming October 22nd release of Wild Child, I have a little contest I want to run.  Without giving away too much information, I'll tell you that there is some dress-up in Wild Child.  Rusty in costume.  O_O  Can you imagine?  I hope you can because I want to see it!  What does YOUR vision of Rusty in costume look like?

Here's what you do.

Take one of the following four excerpts and apply it to the graphic of what your Rusty in costume looks like.

1.  “Oh no.  When the time finally comes, I want you screaming my name.  More than once.”-- Wild Child by M. Leighton.  Oct 22, 2013

2.  I know this because she keeps looking back, making sure I’m watching.  Teasing me.  I’d be willing to bet those ruffled little panties she’s wearing are damp.-- Wild Child by M. Leighton.  Oct 22, 2013

3.  I flick my tongue over her, just once, and I inhale. “God, I miss this.” I feel her shudder when I exhale warm, moist air on her.  --Wild Child by M. Leighton.  Oct 22, 2013

4.  Save a horse, ride a bull. Find out what it's all about in Wild Child by M. Leighton.  Oct 22, 2013

Here's how you can get entries.

1.  Post the graphic on your facebook page and tag me in it.

2.  You can also tweet it and @ mention me in it to enter.

3.  You can also receive extra entries for tweeting the giveaway and liking my author page on FB

The Rafflecopter for it is right on my sidebar.

I  CANNOT WAIT to see these pictures! OMG  Nom nom nom

Now, what's up for grabs?  

-- An ecopy of Wild Child gifted to you on release day
-- A Wild Child t-shirt
-- A Wild Child keychain
-- A one-of-a-kind Wild Child charm bracelet

You must be 18 or older to win.  The contest is open internationally.  It begins now and runs through Sunday at midnight.  Winner will be notified and posted on Monday, Oct 14.

Good luck!  Now go find some hotties!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

To share or not to share

That's NEVER a question for me. I'm a sharer.  Always.  To a fault.  I just want y'all to know that it is absolutely driving me insane not to be able to share stuff from my books.  Thus far in my career, I've always been able to share what I'm working on because I publish so quickly after finishing. But I find that I can rarely, if ever do that anymore. I can't share my Berkley projects. I can't share the one I just finished because it's not time yet.  GAH!  It's. Driving. Me. Crazy.  More so now than ever!

*stops to take a deep breath and compose self*

Anyway, I just wanted y'all to know that I simply CANNOT WAIT to be able to share some graphics and excerpts and teasers, fun posts and swag with you, even if I might be even CRAZIER by the time I can.  *sigh*

Until then, HAPPY TUESDAY!