Sunday, November 3, 2013

ALL THE PRETTY LIES- follow the reviews and win!

I hate that I can't be around for the kick-off of reviews for this book. It is so, so special to me, but my father is even MORE special, so I'm with him right now.  Family first:)  Anywho, these amazing ladies are reading and reviewing ATPL and they're also very graciously hosting a big giveaway grand prize which is...  *insert drum roll here* a HUGE signed paperback set including the following:

Down to You
Up to Me
Everything for Us
The Wild Ones
Madly & Wolfhardt (which includes Madly 1)
Madly & the Jackal
Blood Like Poison: For the Love of a Vampire
Blood Like Poison: Destined for a Vampire
Blood Like Poison: To Kill an Angel

That's A LOT of books!  LOL  All signed, sealed and delivered, so be sure to check the blogs for how to enter and win:)

So, without further ado, here they are:

November 4th
November 5th
November 6th
November 7th
November 8th
November 9th
November 10th
November 11th
November 12th
November 13th
November 14th
November 15th
November 16th
November 17th
November 18th