Saturday, July 26, 2014

Come and get Laid-back with Leighton

So, I have a confession, an apology and a plan to reveal to y’all.  Are you ready?

Okay, so the confession.  This morning, I was in total distress over social media.  Total.  Distress. I have come to realize that y’all might think I’m ignoring your posts and comments and tags on social media.  Let me assure you, I’m definitely not ignoring you.  Many of you know that I’ve had a tremendous amount of family health stuff going on for two years now.  That has a way of taking over your thoughts and your plans and your whole life in some ways, at least for spurts of time.  After that, you kind of have to just jump back in and pick up the pieces where you left off, but it never feels like you get caught up.

That's the confession part, but there’s more.  This is where the apology comes in.  Y’all, social media is so, so hard for me! It seems that every time I log on, I something mean or negative or something that just rips my heart out.  People can be so cruel and awful to each other, and that’s hard for me to watch, whether I'm directly affected or not.  It's toxic almost.  I’m happy-go-lucky.  Anyone who knows much about me knows that.  The ugly stuff wilts my soul.  Seriously. It puts a dark cloud over my whole day and I just can’t function like that.  But I want y’all to know that I’m sorry, sorry that I’m not better at it and that I miss so much.  You’ll never know how much I appreciate being in your thoughts, appearing in your posts and tags and comments and mentions, and it bothers me that I miss so much.  And THAT is why I needed a plan.  

I think I have a solution.  A Facebook group.  I know, I know.  Not exactly a “new thing,” but this one might be my BEST thing.  It’s just a place where you can post something and be sure that I see it.  A place where you can find me.  That’s all.  If you want to post a picture, a comment, some inspiration, ask a question or just say “Hi!”, I want to give you a place to put it where I’ll see it and I can respond.  My plan is to go in every Friday if not more often.  

I can’t promise I won’t post a story telling you something stupid that I just did or that I won’t post a pic and some exciting passage from a book I’m working on, but that’s the beauty of it. I want it to work both ways.  Sometimes I want to thank y’all for something wonderful, but posting it on my main pages usually means that it will get lost in the fray, swept away by the current.  Drowned by everything else.  And there are times when I NEED for you to know how much YOU affect ME and MY life.

So I’m creating a happy place for us.  I hope the name will actually be descriptive of the environment.  Not exactly catchy, but that’s not the point.  Hehe  I wanted it to speak for itself -à  Laid-back with Leighton. It’s for anyone and everyone who wants to reach me.  As long as you don’t come to be mean.  That’s the quickest way to get ousted.  LOL 

An example of why I sometimes need a place to say thank you happened just a little while ago.  I will only use first names, but I hope you two lovely ladies to whom I'm referring know who you are.  I got two packages in the mail today, both contained cards.  Both told me the story of how my books had helped them through a rough patch in their life.  The timing could NOT have been more perfect, so I want to take a second to thank Donna and Becca for reminding me (on a day when it was beginning to look a little bleak around the ML house) WHY I do this and how much I love it.  You two also showed me that this group will be good for me, too.  It’s not a street team, nor is it a place to moan and groan, to bust out the claws or focus on the negative.  No, this is a place where all things happy are on the agenda, all day every day.  That’s all I want—to be able to interact with y’all in a safe and fun environment.  I pray that this will work out as well as…no, EVEN BETTER THAN I hope. 

So, if you want to reach me, here’s where you can find me. 

You can add others who have read my books and want to come by and share or ask or just be.  I’m pasting the rules below, too, so you’ll know up front what to expect. 

For those who don’t like groups or are like me and just aren’t good with social media, please know that whether or not I ever get to address YOU personally, I’m soul-deep thankful to everyone who has ever picked up a book of mine.  It’s for you, because of you readers that I want to find a way to meet in the middle—the girl who’s allergic to social media and everyone who I can only reach ON social media.  LOL  Sounds like a conundrum, but where there’s a will, there’s a way.  So, will, meet wayJ

Rules for being laid-back with Leighton:

Rule 1:  This is a happy place.  There’s a whole wide world and a whole wide web where people are rude and mean and critical and negative.  Pot-stirrers and drama queens will probably hate it here. LOL  I want this to be the one place on the planet where NO ONE is anything but happy and nice and polite.  Maybe I should change the name to UtopiaJ 

Rule 2:  No men allowed.  This is a place where we can talk about how hot they are and what we like and what we think Jake or Trick or Cash would look like in real life, all without fear of being overheard by the penisesJ

Rule 3:  No posting of nude pics.  That gets hairy (no pun intended).  People get offended.  Facebook gets angry.  It’s just not good, so please don’t do it.

Rule 4:  This is not a place to promote pages or blogs or politics or things like that.  And believe me, I’m doing you a favor.  People get tired of that in a hurry and it can actually work against you.  I’m saving you from getting hate mail.  LOL

Rule 5:  Rulebreakers will be removedL  Sorry!

Rule 6:  Have fun.  Tell me a scene that you loved in the book you just read, ask me a question about why I pick strange names or if I’m ever going to write about crop dusting.  If you have anything (not mean, of course- hehe) to say to me or ask of me, go for it!  That’s what I’m here for!  That’s the ONLY reason I’m here!

As always--always, always, always--thank you.  For everything.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Until We Fly by Courtney Cole

Well, it's finally here.  I've been so, so excited for Brand to get his own book and Courtney did NOT disappoint!  Awesomeness!  I can't wait for you to read it!  It's live today for the very special price of $3.99 so be sure and grab it while you can!

You can purchase it here:  Amazon  B&N

Ex-Army Ranger, Brand Killien, has always been good. 

A good friend, a good soldier, a good everything. .
The problem is, good hasn’t gotten him anything but a crushed heart.   

So after licking his wounds, he decides to move on.  And moving on doesn’t include being good anymore. 

Jaded and detached, Brand is determined to never open himself up to anyone again.  It’s not worth the pain.  Instead, he becomes closed, hardened, aloof. 

But then he’s called back home for a family emergency… a family that he is estranged from.  A family that he put out of his mind a long time ago for very good reasons…reasons that involve secrets and pain.  Reasons he tried hard to forget.    

But home is where the heart is, and it just might be where Brand finds his again. 

Why?  Because home is where Nora Greene is.  A fiery, red-headed spitfire, Nora is a thing from his past.  A beautiful, feisty thing.  When Brand left, she was away at boarding school.   

But she’s back now. 

And she wants Brand, scars and all.