Tuesday, September 30, 2014

All Things Pretty- SIG IS LIVE! and some other things:)

Good morning, wonderful world!  I have exciting news to post.  All Things Pretty is LIVE!  WAHOOOOOO  *throws confetti*

The ONLY site that's giving me trouble is Amazon:(  I'm sorry to say that as of right now, it's in limbo. I'm hoping that the issue will be resolved around 12pm EST as that is when the KDP people that I know come in to work (they are on west coast time).  Please keep your fingers crossed!  I'll update the links below as soon as it's live.

**Update**  I spoke with KDP and they are pushing the file through, but it could still take a couple of hours. They'll be monitoring it, as will I, and I'll post more info (or hopefully just live links!!!) the second it's ready.  

Amazon UK 
Barnes and Noble

Now, I also have a special announcement to make.  As you begin to read ALL THINGS PRETTY, you'll notice a foreword in the very beginning.  Let me explain a little more about that.

I'm so blessed to be able to work with my amazing traditional publisher, Berkley.  They are a division of Penguin Random House and they were very gracious in their contracts with me in that I am allowed to self-publish indie books.  Their only requirement is that the books be NO MORE THAN 65,000 words.  That's not normally a problem, but sometimes a story needs more.  More time, more detail, more explanation. Just more.  And Sig's story is like that. I could've shortened it, rushed it to fit into one single book, but I felt that I would be cheating Sig and Tommi of their best story if I did that. So I didn't.  Instead, I wrote it as it needed to be written.  But that meant it was too long.

After much thought, I decided to do this.  I'm publishing ALL THINGS PRETTY today with a cliffhanger.  Now before you hate me, let me explain.  I had to find a good place to stop this book because I'm giving you the remainder of it on October 14th for FREE.  I feel it's the right thing to do, yet it keeps me out of trouble with my publisher.  Here's how I'm going to do it.

My newsletter is set up with an automation capability so that when you sign up for my newsletter, it will ask you what file type you prefer and then on October 14th, it will automatically send the remainder of ALL THINGS PRETTY to your reading device.  How cool is that?  Problem solved.  YAY!

I feel like this accomplished the right goal for all of us. I get to tell the story the way it needs to be told, y'all get all the detail that it seems like you want, and my publisher stays happy, too.  Win-win.  Well, win-win-win.  :)

So, when you pick up your copy today, expect the cliffy but know that the rest is coming. I'm editing it now and it will be ready on time.  As for those who are waiting for the paperback, I'm setting it up so that parts one and two are combined in the print edition, which isn't unusual, and there are clearly two very distinct parts to the book, neither exceeding 65k words (and both published separately digitally).  *happy sigh*  Those will be ready by the time part two is sent to you on October 14.

Now that you know why I did what I did, I hope you'll go into Sig's book with all the love and anticipation that I have for him and his story.  I fell for him.  I fell hard.  I can't wait to hear what you think of him!  I had some laughs, shed some tears, swooned many, many times.  This is one of my own books that I'll be re-reading over and over again.  I hope you do the same.

Here's a little sneak peak into the second part.

“You can’t be falling in love with me.  Love is pretty, not ugly.  And I’m ugly,” I tell him brokenly, the fight drained out of me, left lying on the floor with my puddle of tears.

“You’re wrong.  Sometimes love is ugly. And not all things pretty are loveable.  But you…you’re not just pretty. You’re beautiful. The most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. Inside and out.  You did all this for your brother.  Since you were nothing more than a kid yourself, you’ve fought for him with whatever weapons you had.  That makes you worthy of the best kind of love. The kind that’s unconditional.  The kind that never leaves you, no matter how hard you push back. The kind that finds a way, against all odds.  You deserve that.  Actually, you deserve more than that.  You deserve more than I can give you, better than me.  But maybe one day, after all this is over, I can be worth your love.”

Happy Tuesday, y'all!  Enjoy Sig!!!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

All Things Pretty, chapter one excerpt and playlist

I swear, it feels like Tuesday will NEVER come!  I can't remember the last time I was THIS excited over a book.  I always knew I'd love Sig when I got a chance to tell his story. I just didn't know HOW much I'd love him:)

I wanted to share the first chapter and the playlist with you.  I'm trying to pick excerpts, but it's so hard when I love something on almost every single page.  LOL  #WriterProblems  So, without further ado...available September 30th...


The little thingy on the end of the jack slips off the lug nut and I smash my finger against the hot pavement.  Again.  I resist the urge to stick my throbbing middle finger into my mouth and I swallow the curse that’s swelling in my throat.  Don’t cuss! Don’t cuss!  I’m like a well-trained dog these days. I act just right, dress just right, talk just right. I’m all about appearances. I have to be.  Lance demands it.  And I need Lance, so I play ball.
I wipe the back of my hand across my damp forehead and try again.  Just one more nut, just one more.  I sigh in relief when I put all one hundred and twenty eight pounds of my body weight on the car jack and the stubborn lug gives.  I unscrew it and pull off the flat tire, rolling it over to lean up against the back fender of my car.  Dusting off my hands, I check my nails to make sure none are broken –God forbid I show up for drinks with a gnarly manicure– as I walk to the trunk to remove my full-sized spare. 
After I manhandle it out of its little cubby beneath a false panel in the back of my car, I let it drop onto the asphalt, thinking I’ll roll it into position.  And that would’ve worked just fine if my spare weren’t flat, too. 
“Noooo!” I cry aloud.
Oh for the love of god!  Are you kidding me?
I start to get frantic as I glance at my watch again.  At this rate, I’ll never have time to change and then make it to the hotel on time.  But if I show up dressed like this, I’ll never hear the end of it.  I know better than to wear things like these shorts and this tank top, but sometimes I just can’t resist feeling just a tiny bit like me.  The me that I used to be.  The me that I still am, under everything else.
“Why didn’t you accept help when it was offered, Tommi?” I mutter, eyes closed, face turned up toward the sky. 
Being a blonde female stranded on the side of the road isn’t always a bad thing.  Thankfully, it usually draws a lot of men who are more than willing to be the hero and save the poor damsel in distress. This time was no different, only I politely turned each of them away.  I mean, most of them were creepy and I am stranded out here alone.  Not the smartest thing.  So now, here I am.  Stuck. Hero-less, helpless, and frustrated.
“It’s not too late, ya know,” an incredibly pleasant, amused voice says from behind me.
Startled, I yelp and whirl around.  There’s a darkly handsome man standing behind me.  He’s so close and so tall that I take a step back, tripping over my flat spare tire and nearly landing myself, butt first, in my own trunk.  All my classy grooming goes right out the proverbial window as I flail to regain my balance.  “Holy assmunch shitface!” I squeal in surprise.
Two big, strong hands reach for my bare upper arms to pull me upright and save me from a humiliating blunder.  The electricity in his touch combined with his husky laugh causes chills to break out down my arms. Attraction vibrates along my nerve ends like tremors of an earthquake.  “Part beautiful woman, part sailor.  My kinda girl.”
Oh God, I think, embarrassed.  But I quickly forget why when I get a good look at my rescuer.
I’m face to face with the most stunning guy I think I’ve ever seen–soft brown eyes that glisten in the dying sun like two chocolate diamonds, long black lashes that frame them like feathers, and a smile that threatens to melt me where I stand.  Holy lord.  And I have to look way up to see him, which is saying a lot because at five-nine, I’m a tall girl.  
“Pardon the expression.  Y-you scared me,” I stammer, curling my fingers around muscular forearms before I can think better of it.  They flex beneath my fingertips as he holds me steady.  We stand touching each other for several heated seconds. I know I should back up, protest, feign outrage, do something, but I can’t.  As unwise as it is, I don’t want to do anything because I don’t want him to let me go.
“Don’t apologize. I love a woman who talks dirty.”
That wasn’t dirty,” I defend weakly.
One sable brow arches inquisitively and I realize how bad that sounded.  “So there’s more?  Dirtier?
Despite the oppressive heat, I feel a blush warm my cheeks.  A blush!  I can’t even remember the last time I blushed.  I’ve seen and done things in my life that have desensitized me to the point that I would’ve sworn nothing could embarrass me.  And yet here I am, blushing for a perfect (perfectly hot) stranger.
I take a shaky breath and smile, easing away from him as the danger of my situation finally dawns on me. This guy could mean to do me harm and I’m practically drooling all over his chest.  His wide, hard, muscular chest.
I squeeze my eyes shut.  God!  Stop it, stop it, stop it!
“Are you okay?” Perfectly Hot Stranger asks, all playfulness gone from his voice.
Avoid eye contact.
When I crack my lids, I purposely look down at my dirty tank top, straightening it as I step out from between his impressive body and my open trunk.  “I’m fine. I just…ummm…it’s pretty hot and, uh, I’m changing my tire.  I’m just…hot.  And tired.  And…”
I back around the corner of my car, thinking that my purse and my phone are but a few steps away should I need them.
I watch as Perfectly Hot Stranger kicks my spare with the toe of his boot.  “I hope this is the one you just took off.”
Oh crap!  How could I forget my conundrum? I’ve got two flats! 
I’m as deflated as my inner tubes as I watch him walk around to the other tire, noting its floppy side.  “I’m Sig by the way,” he offers casually.  He crosses his arms over his chest as he stands back to survey my predicament.  “And it looks to me like you might need a tow.”
A tow. Yes!  I race to the driver’s side and lean in for my cell phone, all too aware of my cut-off denim shorts and the way they’re riding up my legs as I stretch.  I hurry back out, brandishing my iPhone like a weapon.  “Yes! I need a tow.  I’ll call now,” I say, trying to ignore the heat of his warm eyes as they unabashedly make their way up from my legs. 
I start to search for a towing company, but instead, I just stare at the blank screen, knowing that my dilemma is much worse than this man assumes.  If I get my car towed, I’ll need a ride into town, which means I’ll have to waste more time waiting for a cab to arrive.  Then I’ll still have to stop to buy clothes so I can make it to drinks on time, which will put me even later, but at least I’ll be dressed appropriately.  But either way, it’s lose-lose. I’ll be late and car-less.  And Lance will be furious.
Long, tanned fingers cover mine and force my hands to drop a little lower.  He bends until his face is in my line of sight.  “Do you need some help?  Because I stopped to help you. Nothing more.”
His eyes are earnest, but there’s a twinkle to them, like he knows what I’m thinking, like he knows I got suspicious.  For some reason, I feel ridiculous all of a sudden.  Something tells me that he’s being honest, that he’s only here to help, not to hurt me.  And, as I look up into his striking face, I do the unthinkable. 
I agree.
“I do need some help, actually.”
“Yeah, I kinda figured.  What can I do?  Give you a ride?  Wait with you while the tow truck gets here?” A short pause. A long, wicked grin. “Give you a strong, incredibly attractive shoulder to cry on?”
I can’t help smiling.  “And here I thought chivalrous egomaniacs were all dead.”
“This one’s alive and kickin’, sweetheart,” he declares with a wink.  Between that and the southern, manly way he calls me sweetheart, I fight the urge to shiver. “Now, where do you need to go?”
I glance back at the shiny, black truck parked behind my car. I must’ve been in more distress than I thought not to hear that thing pull up.  “Are you sure you wouldn’t mind?  I have somewhere to be, but I need to make a super quick stop first.  Would that be okay?”
“As long as it’s ‘super quick’,” he teases.
“So quick it’ll make your head spin.”
“My head’s already spinning,” he says with a grin that makes my stomach flip over.  “But I’m in no rush.  Take all the time you need.”  He’s appreciative gaze and casual demeanor say that he’s more than happy to spend time with me.  It makes me feel like blushing again.  What the heck is this guy doing to me?
I open the car door and slide behind the wheel, making sure all the windows are rolled up before I grab my purse and lock up.  When I get back out, Perfectly Hot Stranger (otherwise known as Sig) has already put my spare back into the trunk and is reattaching my flat tire, I guess for towing purposes.
I watch his arms and shoulders through the thin material of his shirt as he deftly maneuvers the jack.  He really is just a big guy! His back is extremely wide, but it tapers in a dramatic V to a trim waist and narrow hips.  As I examine the way his long, bent legs curve into his butt, I notice that his shirt has ridden up just enough that I can see smooth skin at the base of his spine. I can’t see buttcrack. But I can’t see underwear either, which makes me wonder if he wears any. 
God, that’s hot!
I jerk my eyes away, as though he might be able to feel me looking at him and thinking such things.  It wouldn’t do for me to flirt with another man.  If wind of it ever got back to Lance…
This time, I do shiver, but not in a pleasant way.
Sig rises to his feet and turns his panty-melting grin toward me.  “That oughta do it.”  He brushes off his hands.  “All locked up?”
I nod, trying not to be affected by his charisma, but geez!  It’s so hard!
“In that case, your chariot awaits,” he says, sweeping his arm out in front of me.  “Or in this case, a truck because it’s the only thing big enough for a guy like me.”
“How tall are you?” I ask as he opens the passenger door for me.
“Wow!  Six-six?” I repeat, impressed.
“Yep.  Six feet, six inches of awesome.”
“And modesty.”
“Yeah, that, too,” he half-grins, closing my door.
I watch my rescuer make his way around the front of the truck to the driver’s side, a dreamy sigh fluttering in my chest.  As much as I don’t want to be, I’m charmed.  Right down to the butterflies in my stomach and the weak feeling in my knees. I’m just thankful that, after today, I won’t ever have to see Perfectly Hot Stranger again.  Because I’m pretty sure that would be a disaster.

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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Google Books and Google Play

Good grief! Am I really the last author to do this?  THE very last?  No one else left?  Show of hands.


Well, this is not unusual for me.  I love my job so, so much that I write sometimes to the exclusion of all else, like keeping up with the latest platforms and sites:(  For that, I truly apologize.  But never fear!  I'm finally on board and I'm uploading books after I finish writing each day.  I should have my whole catalog up in a few days.  Thank you so, so much for your patience and thank you to Google for giving us authors another way to reach you amazing readers!  YAY!

Here's the link to my page on Google Play.  Ain't it purrrdy?  :D

Okay, I'm off to update, update, update and upload, upload, upload.  Much love and gratitude!  Enjoy your Saturday:)

Thursday, September 4, 2014

A little som'n som'n for my newsletter subscribers

Good morning!  I'm still riding my Sig high from yesterday.  *dreamy sigh*  I'm so happy to see him out in the world, getting so much love.  I'm like a proud mama, sending her baby off to school. LOL

Anywho, today I'm here about some goodies.  The reason?  Well, with social media sites restricting the number of people who see posts, I feel like it's important to be able to interact with you in a more reliable way.  My answer?  The newsletter.  My plan is to send out a letter once a month with an update on what's ahead, some exclusive teasers and (of course, you know me) a giveaway.  I'll also send a notification as a new release nears, one that includes incentives and particulars to my latest book.  

To kick it all off, I wanted to give a special som'n som'n to you lovely newsletter signer uppers.  Because I appreciate you very much.  If you haven't signed up for it and would like to, be sure to do so here.  Tomorrow, I'll be sending out an email with a couple of things unique to the newsletter, including a chance to win some pretty cool things.  (Hint: Some of it has to do with Sig's ARC)  Whoop!

Okay, so to recap:

1.  Sig has a face. YAY!

2.  Social media restrictions suck.  BOO!

3.  Newsletter saves the day.  YIPPEE!

4.  I'll be giving away goodies.  What's new?  LOL

Have a super fabulous Thursday!  See ya out there!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

ALL THINGS PRETTY cover reveal and a little som'n extra

Okay, so after eating a shocking amount of what I like to call "writing food" --  a nasty-yet-awesome combo which consists today of beef jerky, Lay's potato chips, Mountain Dew and a few chicken nuggets  --  I thought I'd show y'all Sig's pretty new face.

OMG OMG OMG  I'M SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS BOOK!!!!!  September 30th canNOT get here fast enough!  *runs in place*

I've loved Sig from the moment I met him and now?  So. Much. More.  *fans face* Here's a little more about his story:


Pretending to be something they’re not, afraid to trust anyone completely, destined to tear each other apart– this is the story of unlikely love and unbearable consequences.

Sig Locke is a cop.  He was raised by a cop and all his brothers are cops. He bleeds blue, believes in right and wrong, and sees in black and white, never in shades of gray.

But that was before he met Tommi.

Tommi, with her long legs and bright green eyes, she captured Sig’s interest from the moment he saw her. Even after he discovered who she was–the girlfriend of a drug dealer, the beauty behind a criminal–he still found her utterly irresistible.  What Sig doesn’t know, however, is that she has a secret even a cop can’t uncover. 

Tommi Lawrence hasn’t had an easy life, and it only got more complicated the day she met Sig.  She learned long ago that she can’t trust anyone.  Her gut tells her that Sig is no exception, her heart tells her that he is.  But that was before she found out his real identity.

Can love be forged in a fire of lies? Or will the truth destroy them both?

Stay tuned to my website for excerpts when I post them.  Now, I'm back to the cave.  Happy hump day everybody!