Tuesday, September 30, 2014

All Things Pretty- SIG IS LIVE! and some other things:)

Good morning, wonderful world!  I have exciting news to post.  All Things Pretty is LIVE!  WAHOOOOOO  *throws confetti*

The ONLY site that's giving me trouble is Amazon:(  I'm sorry to say that as of right now, it's in limbo. I'm hoping that the issue will be resolved around 12pm EST as that is when the KDP people that I know come in to work (they are on west coast time).  Please keep your fingers crossed!  I'll update the links below as soon as it's live.

**Update**  I spoke with KDP and they are pushing the file through, but it could still take a couple of hours. They'll be monitoring it, as will I, and I'll post more info (or hopefully just live links!!!) the second it's ready.  

Amazon UK 
Barnes and Noble

Now, I also have a special announcement to make.  As you begin to read ALL THINGS PRETTY, you'll notice a foreword in the very beginning.  Let me explain a little more about that.

I'm so blessed to be able to work with my amazing traditional publisher, Berkley.  They are a division of Penguin Random House and they were very gracious in their contracts with me in that I am allowed to self-publish indie books.  Their only requirement is that the books be NO MORE THAN 65,000 words.  That's not normally a problem, but sometimes a story needs more.  More time, more detail, more explanation. Just more.  And Sig's story is like that. I could've shortened it, rushed it to fit into one single book, but I felt that I would be cheating Sig and Tommi of their best story if I did that. So I didn't.  Instead, I wrote it as it needed to be written.  But that meant it was too long.

After much thought, I decided to do this.  I'm publishing ALL THINGS PRETTY today with a cliffhanger.  Now before you hate me, let me explain.  I had to find a good place to stop this book because I'm giving you the remainder of it on October 14th for FREE.  I feel it's the right thing to do, yet it keeps me out of trouble with my publisher.  Here's how I'm going to do it.

My newsletter is set up with an automation capability so that when you sign up for my newsletter, it will ask you what file type you prefer and then on October 14th, it will automatically send the remainder of ALL THINGS PRETTY to your reading device.  How cool is that?  Problem solved.  YAY!

I feel like this accomplished the right goal for all of us. I get to tell the story the way it needs to be told, y'all get all the detail that it seems like you want, and my publisher stays happy, too.  Win-win.  Well, win-win-win.  :)

So, when you pick up your copy today, expect the cliffy but know that the rest is coming. I'm editing it now and it will be ready on time.  As for those who are waiting for the paperback, I'm setting it up so that parts one and two are combined in the print edition, which isn't unusual, and there are clearly two very distinct parts to the book, neither exceeding 65k words (and both published separately digitally).  *happy sigh*  Those will be ready by the time part two is sent to you on October 14.

Now that you know why I did what I did, I hope you'll go into Sig's book with all the love and anticipation that I have for him and his story.  I fell for him.  I fell hard.  I can't wait to hear what you think of him!  I had some laughs, shed some tears, swooned many, many times.  This is one of my own books that I'll be re-reading over and over again.  I hope you do the same.

Here's a little sneak peak into the second part.

“You can’t be falling in love with me.  Love is pretty, not ugly.  And I’m ugly,” I tell him brokenly, the fight drained out of me, left lying on the floor with my puddle of tears.

“You’re wrong.  Sometimes love is ugly. And not all things pretty are loveable.  But you…you’re not just pretty. You’re beautiful. The most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. Inside and out.  You did all this for your brother.  Since you were nothing more than a kid yourself, you’ve fought for him with whatever weapons you had.  That makes you worthy of the best kind of love. The kind that’s unconditional.  The kind that never leaves you, no matter how hard you push back. The kind that finds a way, against all odds.  You deserve that.  Actually, you deserve more than that.  You deserve more than I can give you, better than me.  But maybe one day, after all this is over, I can be worth your love.”

Happy Tuesday, y'all!  Enjoy Sig!!!