Tuesday, October 14, 2014

All Things Pretty. Part two

****  UPDATE FROM 11:00 AM EST--  Hi, y'all!  So, when I wrote this book, I wanted to give you the best story that I could, but that meant going over my word count.  The only thing I could come up with was to break All Things Pretty into two parts. I didn't want to charge you for both parts, though, so I thought to offer the second part for free.  The problem with doing that via normal etailers is that Amazon won't let you put something for free initially. It has to be free everywhere else for a certain amount of time FIRST and then they price match it.  So if I did it that way, I knew I'd get lots of emails from people upset because they have to pay for the book on Amazon when it's free everywhere else.  So what was I to do? 

Well, I have a Mailchimp account for my newsletter subscribers. It has an automated feature that would allow for the file to be sent automatically based on your response to the questions that you were asked in the form that I requested you fill out.  Unfortunately, some of the instructions were overlooked by quite a few subscribers, which resulted in some confusion. Below, I'm pasting the instructions from the form you filled out to help you remedy this if you haven't already.

I have spent the entire morning responding to you as quickly as I can, only now I'm locked out of my google account because I've sent too many messages.  

I know you're frustrated, as am I.  This was intended to be a good thing, and I apologize for the inconvenience.  I'm doing everything I can, which isn't much since my email is frozen, but this is what I CAN do.  I'm going to get through today and get the file to as many of you as I can, with as little effort on your part as possible, and then I'm going to upload the file to all etailer sites for $0.99.  Hopefully at least Amazon (since the problem is primarily with kindles) will be live today.  The first part is novel length and the second part is novella length, so a buck is a fair price.  I'm still going to offer it to newsletter subscribers for free, but it will have to be downloaded a different way.  But still, there will be the option to purchase it online if downloading it for free is too cumbersome.

To those of you who have been so extraordinarily patient and understanding, you have my deepest gratitude.  If it weren't for you, I might've just run away today.  LOL  From the moment Amazon didn't publish the book until 4pm on release day until today, this book has had everything working against it.  Luckily, I love it so very much and I'm not giving up. It's one of my favorite stories, period.  So I'm going to do what I can to salvage this release and make it available to those who truly want to read and appreciate Sig.  I love y'all more than you know.  ****

Oh.  Em.  Geeeeeeeee!  It's finally here! I know it's only been 2 weeks since part one came out, but I've never had to cut up a book before and it has been almost excruciating to wait on the ending like this.  UGH!  But, I wanted to write the story the way that it needed to be written, which was longer than what I can publish, contractually, so... here we are.  Finally getting the ending. A little later, but so worth it, in my opinion.  Eeeeeeeeeep  I hope you love it as much as I do!

When I started out on this journey with Sig and Tommi, I never expected to encounter some of the things that I did.  Sig was even more amazing than I ever thought he could be.  He's funny and charming and strong and delicious.  But, as you'll see in this part, he's also fiercely protective.  I couldn't love him one bit more.

And Tommi...I knew she was tough. I knew she was determined.  But I never expected her to be so fragile.  She's like a delicate glass sculpture that's been bathed in steel. Life kicked and dented her, but never managed to break her.  I admire her so, so much.

I hope that y'all find as much love and happiness and satisfaction as I did in this ending.  And, as always, you know I'd love to hear from you after you read it:)

So, without further ado...

If you haven't read part one, you can find it everywhere!

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Happy reading and thank y'all so, so much for loving this story as much as I have!