Thursday, October 16, 2014


Well, here we are on Thursday.  Two days post release of All Things Pretty part two.  It was supposed to go out to all newsletter subscribers automatically and seamlessly.  <------that's where things got hairy.

Rather than using negative terms like "epic fail" or "disaster" I'll just say that the day was not without it's challenges.  *snort*  Neither was yesterday, which I compare to the writer's life version of cleaning up after a hurricane.  But I survived.  Just a few cuts and scrapes.  Nothing life threatening.  And I learned some really valuable lessons along the way, which I'm going to share with you. You knew I would, right?  That's my M.O.---->  Overshare.

#1:  Don't let an epic fail rob you of your desire to try again or to do nice things.  For about 30+ hours, I was telling myself that I will never...NEVER, NEVER, NEVER try to do something like this again.  I probably won't, actually. Not exactly like this anyway, but I WILL still do what I think is right and kind and fair.  When life kicks you in the teeth, despite your good intentions, you can't stay down on the ground and roll around.  As much as we'd sometimes like to, we can't wallow (or waller, as we say here in the south).  It's far too easy to get comfortable in the defeated position.  We have to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and take a step forward.  We just have to tread more carefully and USE the wisdom that we learned when we were face down on the ground. LOL

#2:  For all the rotten apples in the world, there are a hundred beautiful, shiny, sweet ones.  I'm not sure how accurate my ratio is.  1:100 is probably very low. Maybe I should say 1:10,000.  That's probably closer.  Regardless of the real statistics, I'm learning to appreciate the bad apples.  Sounds crazy, right?  But seriously, that the one bad, nasty bitter apple can make you so, so, SO much better appreciate the good ones, know what I mean?  How would we know light if we didn't see darkness?  How would we know the sweetness of honey if we never tasted vinegar?  Sometimes it takes a trial to remind us of what's important, to make us SEE what's important. They make us grateful.

#3:  Focus.  Focus, focus, focus.  For me, this one is super important!  I can be trucking along beautifully one minute and then BAM!  One little thing will throw a kink in my whole day.  You know what that is?  INSANE!  That's what that is!  I can waste a ridiculous amount of time beating myself up over a mistake or crying over something small when there is still so much good and right and positive everywhere around me.  Just because All Things Pretty had every problem imaginable from release day of part one on 9-30 all the way through release part of part two on 10-14 doesn't mean that I need to dwell on it.  I can't change it. I can only go forward smarter. Smarter yet still happy.  I can't let this snafu sour my job or my life or my outlook.  I have to focus on the POSITIVE, take the bad for what it's worth and then move on. Learn my lesson and go.  So that's what I'm doing.

Today, I'm back in the saddle.  Focusing on the good.  I've apologized a million times for the problems that occurred with the free copy of All Things Pretty, part two.  I can't go back and undo it, and letting it ruin even one more hour would be an irresponsible tragedy on my part.  I have more books to write (my next three for my publisher, in fact), something that I'm sooooo looking forward to.  I love my job and I won't let a bad day or two steal my thunder.  Life is about balance and appreciation, taking the bad with the good.  We suffer through the icky and revel in the WOW.

So today I'm diving into my next story, which I already love because it's kind of dark and totally delicious.  I'll be gushing about it as soon as I can.  And I'll have a cover to share soon, hopefully. I've seen it already and O. M. G.  I adore it!  The art folks at Berkley really outdid themselves.  It speaks so perfectly to the book that I can't...I can't even... Yeah, you know how that goes.

Annnnnnywho, go on with your day.  Enjoy the good.  Every day deserves that.  More importantly, YOU deserve that.  Be happy.  Live smart.

Love, peace and bacon <-------my new ending thanks to the wonderful Michelle Lee.  Girl!  That is just perfect for me!

p.s.  For those who were waiting for live links to purchase All Things Pretty, part two for $0.99 (even though it is still available for free for those who want it), here are the sites that are up and running:


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