Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Random things, Germany, Brazil and a giveaway

First of all, I have to get a few random thoughts off my chest.

1.  Why is it that when you put shredded cheese in hot chili, no matter how much you stir, it all ends up in a big glob in the center of the soup?  It's like the shreds suffer immediate separation anxiety and find their way back to each other. Not that I object to a blob of chili-coated cheese, but that's not the point.  #OneOfLifesMysteries

2.  My husband has this crazy spider sense that notifies him about three seconds in advance when I'm about to give him a wedgie.  Let's move past the fact that, yes, in my house wedgies still happen so that we can focus on the important things.  Like the fact that no matter where he is or how sneaky and quiet I am, he ALWAYS manages to clench his butt cheeks riiiiiiiight before I yank. It's very frustrating. Just sayin'.

3.  I really don't know how to connect directly with YOU, my foreign readers, but I really, really want to.  To thank you, to include you in giveaways, just to find out more about who you are and what you like.  So until I can find a better way, I'm going to use my blog:)

Over the last year and some change, my traditionally published books (the Bad Boys series and the Wild Ones series) have been translated into many, many languages.  I'm so grateful and so honored that people from all over the world want to read my books.  I could make a whole blog post just gushing about that alone. I mean, seriously. I'm WOW'd!  So. Freakin'. Grateful.

The thing is, because of your love for those series, I'm getting offers for my other books (indie books) as well.  You'll soon be seeing the Pretty Series and Fragile in bookstores across the globe. You just CANNOT imagine how humbling and thrilling and just awe-inspiring that is for me.  But if it weren't for YOU, my readers from other countries who gobble up my stories, that wouldn't be happening.  See how powerful you are?  When you create a demand, someone comes along to fill it.  And you demanded MY books and for that I'm deeply, profoundly grateful.  I hope one day to come to a city near you so that I can meet you in person and give you the heartfelt THANKYOU and hug that you deserve.

But until that day, I'm going to do random giveaways here on my blog for signed copies of my books in YOUR language.  Not every publisher sends me copies, so they are limited and not available in every language into which my books have been translated, but I will give away the ones that I have:)  And of course, I'll always include one for this country, as well, since my readers here were instrumental in making my most treasured dreams come true.  Today, I chose the German and Brazilian paperbacks, along with an English one.  So here's how it will go:

Up for grabs:  

  1. Signed paperback of Down to You in English
  2. Signed paperback of Addicted to You (Down to You in German)
  3. Signed paperback of Louca Por Voce (Down to You in Portuguese)

To enter:

  1. Comment below with your favorite Cash moment
  2. Follow my blog

I will draw the three winners on Sunday, Nov 23 and announce them here on my blog, so be sure to check back!

Oh also, December is going to be a huge month for me in many ways.  The first big thing will be a cover reveal for my upcoming novel, POCKETFUL OF SAND, on December 3, so IF YOU ARE A BLOGGER and have not signed up and want to, please do so here:

As always, thank y'all for being glorious.  I'm blessed beyond measure to have you in my life.