Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Winner of Fave Quotes Giveaway

Let. Me. Tell. You.

I had no idea how fun and satisfying and humbling it would be to read through the quotes that stood out to y'all from all of my books.  I got to revisit someone from nearly every book I've ever written, which makes me happier than you'll ever know.  To think that of the hundreds of thousands of words that I've written, a few short sentences from Bo or Jackson or Cash or Trick, or Ginger even, would stand out to you so clearly is absolutely, astonishingly wonderful.  Y'all made all of last week just awesome!  I know without a doubt I'll be going back to read your comments again and again and again. I can think of few better pick-me-ups.  *sigh*  So thank you.  Seriously.  Thank you!

Okay, winners.  Random.org chose two random winners and they are Courtney Herbert and Whispering Pages Book Blog.  Please email your paperback of choice and your mailing address to me within 48 hours at m.leighton.books@gmail.com.  Congratulations, ladies!

Thank y'all so, so much for participating and for giving me so, so many things to smile about.  Y'all are just freakin' awesome!