Thursday, December 11, 2014

Ramblings about why I love my readers

I was just thinking about y'all this morning, counting the numerous reasons I love you.  I think it goes without saying that you had a hand (a BIG one!) in changing my life, in making it possible for me to FINALLY have a job I love.  That's probably the most obvious and...humongous one.  But there are other reasons, too, like the fact that so many of you make me smile on a daily basis and so many of us who love the same television shows, so many of us who have the same affinity for shoes and purses (and perfume and all things shiny and sparkly).  But we also share the love of people.  Fictional people.  Men and women in books who feel as real as that chick who works in the next cubicle over or the guy who jogs by your driveway every morning.  We love them, we have that love in common, and it ties us together. It gives us something to swoon over, someone to commiserate with, another universe to dream about when the troubles of this one overwhelm us.

But for me, it goes even deeper.  When y'all fall in love with someone from one of my books, I feel so close to you, even though we've never met and are often thousands of miles apart.  We share that love as though we're neighbors who have coffee together every morning.  Or old high school friends who laugh and drink wine when we get together for lunch twice a year.  That's a very special feeling to me and I treasure it.  It's like this big, worldwide sorority of the earth's most awesome ladies, bound by my books.  You can't imagine what that means to me.

So if you ever wonder how it makes me feel when I hear from you, know that I LOVE IT!  If you ever think it might bother me or that I might just blow it off like "another day at work," you'd be tragically mistaken.  Y'all give me a network of friendship that spans the globe, transcends time and defies the laws of physics.  I could never thank you enough for that.  Keep it comin'!

Happy Thursday!