Sunday, February 1, 2015

Always With You, A Bad Boys serial novel

Well, as many of you know, when I was writing Cash and Olivia's Christmas story, a twist of sorts appeared at the very end. I toyed with changing it and not writing another book for them.  But I realized how very much I love writing about them and how very much so many of you love reading about them.  So I decided to leave it as I wrote it and let A DAVENPORT CHRISTMAS be the beginning of the next "chapter" in Cash and Olivia's journey.  Let me remind you that they're soul mates, meant to be, fated in the stars, but every relationship has it challenges and hurdles to overcome. Theirs is no different.  And I've decided to tell it to you in pieces, writing them in between other projects as I can.

Each installment will be published for free right here on my blog.  After a couple of days, it will be removed and posted on Amazon.  This satisfies those who want to read it here for free, as well as those who want to download it to read on their device, but it does so without me having to wait for possibly weeks to get it on for free.  This way, everyone should be happy.  Plus, if you have Kindle Unlimited, you can get it for free anyway.  Seems like it's win-win from pretty much every angle.

So, if you don't follow this blog, you should!  LOL But if you don't, keep an eye out. I'll be posting the next installment in April.  Eeeeeeeep OMG I'm so exciteddddddddd!

Until then, here's A Davenport Christmas's face (RAWR) and the link to purchase if you missed it over the last month.  Happy reading!