Monday, April 27, 2015

CASH IS BACK! Starting May 1st...

OMG I just love typing those words-- CASH. IS. BACK.

Wow!  It's like going home:)  Eeeeeeeeeep

Anyway, I digress.  So, back at Christmas, I did a Cash-and-Olivia short story that left you with the promise of more.  Well, in just a few more days on May 1st, you'll get more.  Their last story, Always with You, won't be published as a single title, but let me tell you why so that you don't get discouraged:)

As many of you know, my personal life has been in a certain amount of upheaval since we got some bad family news in January.  Knowing that things will not be settled again for some time to come, I was concerned that trying to concentrate enough to sit and write an entire novel at once might be a bit more of an undertaking than my scattered brain could handle.  So, I decided to do this in parts.  Trying to figure out how best to get you these parts was something of a challenge, as it seemed there was a big down side to everything I considered.  In the end, I found what I think is a great way, though.  I'm going to publish each installment for FREE on my website weekly.

I decided on weekly ones simply for the length, as it'll be easier for you to read them online if they're shorter.  Another benefit is that short bursts of writing seem to work best with my pitiful attention span of late.  I consider that win-win. LOL  At the end of each month, I'll publish that month's installments (4-5 depending on the month) in one novella (approximately 20,000 words) and put it on Amazon for 99 cents.  That way it'll be available widely for those who would rather read it in one sitting on their kindle or kindle app rather than weekly on my website.

Now, because of the content and the frequency of posts, my website is the best place to host these installments.  The page will be password protected so that no pretty little young things can stumble upon it by accident, because let's face it--sometimes Cash and Olivia get a little hot:)  You'll get all this information in the newsletter that I'll be sending out on May 1st.  I'll send out a new newsletter on the first of each month with the new password for that month's installments.  I've tried to think of everything, but you know how the best laid plans work, right?

If you have questions, feel free to ask.  If you haven't signed up for my newsletter, you can do so here.  And if you have and don't get updates, check your spam.  Many email providers see these newsletters as spam.

Last but not least, here's the blurb for this final story.  It's a true testament to my addled brain that I haven't even posted it and didn't even think of it until a reader asked me about it. LOL  #MajorBrainFart

I hope you love spending more time with Cash and Olivia as much as I already am:)  For now, I give you what's to come in Always with You:

Love didn’t come easy for Cash and Olivia.  Forever will come even harder.  But true love doesn’t give up, not even when dreams are crushed and reality isn’t quite the fairy tale you expected it to be.

When Olivia married Cash Davenport, it was her dream come true.  Cash was everything she wanted and everything she needed, all wrapped up in jet-black eyes and an irresistible smile.  She thought since she’d finally found the ideal man, their life would play out like a fairy tale.  And, for a while, it did.

Until she found out that another woman, a woman from Cash’s past, has given him the one thing that Olivia can’t—a child.

For Cash, seeing their baby growing inside his wife would only make a perfect marriage more perfect, but all he really needs for true happiness is the love of his life—Olivia.  She wants to give him a child, though, and when she can’t conceive, it puts a strain on her that Cash can’t seem to alleviate.  That strain explodes when Sophie Marks, Cash’s old flame, shows up at their door with a little girl in tow.  A little girl she claims belongs to Cash.

After all this time, can Sophie be trusted?  Or has she returned with the sole intent of destroying the only real happiness Cash has ever known?