What I am Writing Now

April 1, 2014- OMG!  It looks like I've fallen off the face of the planet!  So, obviously, I've been a bit busy of late. LOL  But it was brought to my attention that I haven't been updating y'all, for which I'm truly sorry, and I thought I'd rectify that immediately.  This year...well, there are many plans!  First of all, the last book in the Wild Ones series releases June 3.  It's called "There's Wild, Then There's You."  It's about a rocker named Jet and I love him:)  hehe  Also on my up-and-coming list is a big announcement about Madly 4.  I think you'll be very pleased, so look for that on Friday April 4.  Thennnnnnnnnnn, there's this amazing news.  I'll be working with on a new series for Berkley, one that I'm WICKED EXCITED about! OMG Wahoooooooooooooo  I'll be giving more details on that as soon as I'm free to do so.  As for any other plans for the year, I'll be writing Sig's book in late summer.  I'll be able to update y'all with more once I get my head wrapped around my schedule. I will tell you this--I'M SO THRILLED FOR HOW THIS YEAR IS SHAPING UP!!!  Eeeeeeeeeeeep  But I have to say that my BIGGEST goal for 2014 is to knock your socks off with awesome!

August 15- WOW, have I lapsed!-  It seemed like forever since I'd updated this page. Turns out it has. If forever can be only a few months. And in this case it is.  Well, after all that has happened since my last post, I'm happy to say that I've written 2 books for my publisher, and 2 of the 3 Bad Boys have been re-released out into the world.  Up next?  Everything for Us releases, for the first time ever, on September 3rd.  It feels bittersweet to me, because I don't have another tale for them lined up right away. I would eventually like to write Gavin's story, but there are other things that must take priority. So, for the time being, I won't be seeing the Davenports for a little while. Boo!  But, rather than dwelling on that, I'd rather be excited about getting EFU into your hands. OMG OMG I'm so anxious!  Eeeeeeeeeep  Meanwhile, once I get back from Vegas, I'll be working on a new project, as yet untitled, and then writing the final Wild Ones book.  I look forward to that.  Afterward, there's still yet another new project to do before I dive back into Madly book 4.  I'd like to leave time in there to do a Cash and Olivia Christmas story.  That may fend off my separation anxiety AND give them their own happy little Christmas.  I think that sounds an awful lot like win-win:)  So, that's pretty much it right now. I'll be sure to keep this updated better.  It's been a wild spring/summer!  Maybe fall will bring with it some calm and normalcy.  And some awesome books:)  Wahooooooooooooo

May 5- Alec is ready for the world!- But is the world ready for Alec?  hehe I sure hope so!  This subject matter is a little risque, but it's the story and the love and healing behind it that have completely captivated me with this book. I hope everyone who reads it will "get it" and see beyond the superficial to the damaged-yet-fixable love story inside:)  Next?  Some Like It Wild, Wild Ones book 2.  Wahoooooooooooo

April 2- What next?-  Okay, so I finished Everything for Us and sent it to my editor in New York.  Yesterday, I finished my Indie project called Until I Break.  OMG I want to gush about this book, but I won't. I'll simply say that, once I get it edited, this will be the longest month of my life, waiting to release it.  Alec!  Oh, Alec!  *becomes starry-eyed*  Okay, moving on.  So, once I release Until I Break, I'll be starting to write Some Like it Wild, which is book 2 in the Wild Ones series.  I will be releasing Rusty and Jenna's story (a novella called Wild Child) in November, but it's not TECHNICALLY book 2 in the series.  Book 2, Some Like It Wild, and book 3 (as yet untitled) will both be released in 2014. I'll pass those dates along as soon as I get them from Berkley.  Once I'm finished with the Wild Ones series, I'll be going back to some of my Indie series, like Madly and Blood Like Poison. I don't want to promise anything past that. I'd say my year is pretty full based on this, don't you think?  hehe  Anyway, that's the plan. I'll keep you posted as things develop and release.  Love you all to bits!!!

January 17- A change of plans- Well, after much thought and consideration, I sold The Bad Boys series yesterday.  To Berkley.  They've been awesome about working with me on The Wild Ones series, so I'm very confident things will go well with this series, too.  One of the many benefits of having my work with one publisher is that things can be rearranged between series, as they are being rearranged now.  What they've decided to do is let me work on the third book in The Bad Boys series before finishing The Wild Ones series.  What that means for you is that you'll be getting that book much sooner than you would otherwise, while it shouldn't affect The Wild Ones series too, too much, as they were scheduled for releases later through the year anyway.  Sooooooooo, I'll begin work on book 3 of The Bad Boys today.  After that, I'll let you know what's going on.  Thanks for being awesome!

November 12- Up to Me- Well, Wild Child is now with my editor at Berkley--squeeeeeee--and I'm a good ways into Up to Me.  I'm still planning on a January release. I'm so excited.  And man!  Let me tell you, the plot is coming together so freakin' well!  Eeeeeeeeeep I just can't wait to finish this one and start the last book.  Oh.  My. Gosh.  Anyway, I'll keep you posted.  And once I set an exact date in January, I'll start posting teasers.  *claps hands*  Cash fix!  Cash fix!  Cash fix!  Cash fix!

October 4- Wild Child- Well, now that the cat's out of the bag about Berkley, I can be a lot more forthcoming about what I'm working on and about the plans for the foreseeable future.  I've just begun Rusty and Jenna's story.  OMG I am so excited!  I am truly surprised by how much I'm loving it!  I debated which direction to go for the story, and I finally decided. And I'm glad I picked this one.  Right from the beginning, I'm feeling like it was a great choice!  Wahoo!  I'll start posting teasers as soon as I can.  I guess I have to ask about doing things like that now, huh?  Hmmm, that's gonna take some getting used to, but luckily I think Berkley is DA BOMB, so I'm expecting all buttery goodness:)

September 18- Plans- I'm sorry I haven't posted on this in so long.  Things are CA-RAZY right now!  There are some pretty significant changes coming (which I'll be able to talk more about later) that will affect what I write for the next few months.  I'd like to leave you with these couple thoughts:  1.  I think you'll be very pleased with what is coming, as some of it involves Trick;)  *winks*  And 2.  I always try to write things I think you'll love, so just trust me and know that it's ALL GOOD!!!  Thank y'all for being...well, just awesome.  There aren't enough days in the year to tell you how I really feel, to tell you how much you mean in my life.  Just know that I don't fail for one minute of one day to recognize how wonderful you are.  <3

August 12- What's next?- Okay, in the interest of not frustrating both you AND me, I've decided only to talk about what I'm working on right this minute.  Things change so much from day to day, it seems talking of what I'll write down the road is just a waste of time.  Soooo, that being said, today I will be working on a contemporary romance that is hounding me.  I will let you know as soon as I have the title and some snippets for teases ready.  I love to do those:)  As always, thank you for reading!

July 10- WIP- Well, I thought I had settled on a name, but I changed my mind.  It's driving me crazy, but I know I'll know it when I find it.  *sigh*  I hope to be finished with it in the next two weeks. 

June 22- Progress- Well, I had to do my first rewrite EVER.  Well, I don't guess I HAD to, but I did.  The story I'm working on took a totally different direction and I had to delete down to 1600 words. I was devastated. I'll just tell you.  GAH!  But, it's done and now I'm making progress again.  Whew!

June 5- What's next?- Bad Michelle for not posting something sooner.  YIKES! I've been so caught up in Madly and the Jackal's release, everything else has fallen by the wayside.  BUT, I'm back in the game  now.  Moving on to a new project.  I think I mentioned that I'm going to slow down a bit with my production, and I have.  I still intend, however, to get to these books at some point this year: Wiccan Born, Madly 4, Gravity's book 2, and BLP 4.  These are, of course, to be sprinkled with new projects, like the one I've just started, which is a contemporary romance.  Hmmm, that doesn't sound very slow, does it?  LOL  I guess that's an occupational hazard when you love what you do;)

April 28- Madly book 3- I had hoped to have Madly ready to publish by now, but it's going to be early (possibly mid) May for sure.  I had another family emergency with my Dad.  I'm quite a bit behind on my progress, but I find it hard to be too upset about it.  My dad is alive and that's far more important to me.  I thank God for that!!  I'll be hitting writing hard next week and hope to get (somewhat) caught up.  I'll keep you posted.  Thanks for everyone's prayers and support and understanding.  I appreciate it more than I could ever explain:)

April 22- Madly book 3- Well, Madly is coming along perfectly.  Just got done writing a scene that made my heart go pitter patter, in fact:D  I took yesterday off, though, and might take today off as well.  The reason?  I think I might actually be putting books out TOO fast, that they are sort of cannibalizing each other.  The only thing I can think to do is to slow down on each one and then probably stagger a paranormal release with a contemporary release.  Not only do I think it's a good plan, But I'm actually very excited about it!  I love the feeling of less pressure, which occurred almost immediately yesterday, as well as the excitement of alternating.  Not sure why, but I do.  I know.  I'm weird;)  Since I'm so far along in Madly, I'm only going to aim for another week into May before I publish.  Not a long time, but the lengths will grow as the year passes.  I think I'll write my books at close to the same speed; I'll just hang on to them a bit longer before I publish them.  Anyway, it's still May for Madly and that's the main thing:)

April 12- Madly book 3- Madly and Jackson are progressing nicely.  I'm even doing their playlist as I go.  Several songs have inspired me.  They've just fit right in to their story.  I'm still hoping for an end of April/beginning of May release.  A concrete date will be forthcoming.  Stay tuned...

April 8- Fragile- Happy Book Birthday to my first YA Contemporary Romance.  *crosses fingers*  Up next: Madly book 3:)

March 31- Fragile- Well, it's 6 pm and I just typed THE END on Fragile.  In the next week, I'll be doing edits, at least one more round than usual because one of my beta readers will be missing:(  But, that's okay.  I'll make do and get it done:) YAY  So, it's still on for April 8th and then I'll resume work on Madly book 3.  I have intermittently brainstormed and also picked out a cover, so I still think I can get it done by the end of April.  Jackson has that affect on me:D  hehe  Wish me luck!

March 24- Back in the saddle- Well, I'm back from my trip and very ready to settle down and write.  I hope to have Fragile finished by early the first week of April then I'll publish it and finish Madly book 3 ASAP.  I'm hoping to have it finished and ready by late April.  Ambitious?  Maybe, but I've done it before.  I just need to find my focus and get to it!  Just do it, right?  Isn't that the way it goes?  Well, I'm just gonna do it. Woot!  Wish me luck!

March 15- Writing- Well, at least I have a good reason for feeling like crap for so long.  I have a severe upper respiratory infection.  I'll be out of town next week, hopefully recuperating.  After that, I'm hitting the books HARD!  Although it looks like March is most likely out, I'm still hoping for 2 April releases--one early, one late.  I'm thinking positive!  Glass half full!  Woot!  When I get back, I'm getting the pig!  *obscure RED reference that doesn't really apply here, but I happen to love it so I stuck it in there for those who love that movie as much as I do*

March 12- Madly book 3 and Fragile- Well, more life got in the way.  Again.  My father had a pacemaker put in on Friday so I've been out of town.  I'll keep y'all posted about my progress on Madly, but so far it has been very little.  I'm so sorry!  I'll get it finished and published as soon as I can!!  Prayers are much appreciated, BTW:D *hint hint*  On a side note, sometimes writing something completely different is easier when you're on the road or having personal issues, which is one of the reasons I like to work on two novels at the same time.  Sometimes I make progress on both, sometimes only on one.  With all that has been going on of late, I have found that the second novel I've been working on (something completely different) has been cathartic and has come along pretty quickly.  I hope to have it finished and published by the end of March, so that you'll have something to read while I finish Madly.  *crosses fingers* Here's to hoping life will settle down soon!  Woot!

March 2- Madly book 3- Well, unfortunately, I have been sick this entire week and have gotten nothing accomplished, work wise.  I'm still hoping to have Madly ready to go by the early part of April, though, because I'll be gone for a week in March.  Grrrr!  Life keeps getting in the way of Jackson!  What's up with that?  :P

February 21- Madly book 3- I'm brainstorming Madly's next adventure, debating which bad guy will torture her next.  This one may contain two.  Just sayin'...

February 10- Gravity- I totally just typed the last sentence in Gravity!  Squeeeeeeeee!  Now, on to editing!

February 5- Gravity and Madly book 3- I've just returned from Florida and I'm getting back in the saddle so I can finish Gravity and publish it before moving straight into Madly book 3.  I hope to have that done by the end of the week.  Wish me luck!

January 26- Gravity- I'm on the home stretch of Gravity.  I was hoping to have it out to my beta readers before I leave for Florida Saturday, but I don't think I'm going to make it.  I still hope, however, to have it published by the end of the first full week of February.  Once I get it out, I'll be moving on to Madly book 3.  YAY for progress!  Woohoo!

January 9- Gravity and Fragile- Well, my little muse was hard to find, but once I found her, she's been working quite diligently since her return.  Among the gazillion ideas that have been flowing in the last couple days, I've begun a second book.  There was a time when I could work on two projects at once and it seems like that's the case at the moment. *crosses fingers that such will remain the case*  The second project is called Fragile and it's taken off to quite a start.  Maybe I'll have more to publish in the first half of the year than I had originally thought.  Squeee!  I sure hope so!

January 2- Gravity, Madly and Wiccan- Well, now that the holidays are over, I can already feel myself returning to normal.  I never thought I'd miss "normal" and "routine" quite as much as I have this year, and yet here I am, hugging it to me like a long lost friend.  Okay, so anyway, I'm back in the groove of writing.  I plan to have Gravity finished and pubbed by the end of January (release date TBA), at which time I will work toward completing Madly's third book.  I hope to have it pubbed by the end of February to early March and then start on Wiccan's second and final book.  That's as far as I've gotten and you know what they say about the best laid plans.  But there it is, regardless.  Wish me luck!! 

December 3- Something new- As much as it kills me to put Madly aside for the time being, I have to do it.  Her story is just not flowing and I refuse to force it.  *sigh*  So, I've decided to give my obtuse muse her way and write the story that has been plaguing me for a few days now.  I have no idea what to expect as far as progress or completion dates, but I'll keep you posted as to when I'm halfway and when I set a date for publication.  Oh and, of course, when I have the blurb solidified for you:)  Thanks for being awesome, y'all.  It means the world to me!

November 22- Madly- Alright, so I've been overcome with a holiday writing slump.  BOO!!  I'm not nearly as far along with Madly as I'd hoped.  BUT, I'm somewhat back in the saddle this week and I still think I can have Book 3 out by the middle of December or shortly thereafter.  I'm counting on being back in good form by the early part of January so that I can tackle all sorts of things, like Wiccan, Caterpillar and a new project that I'm really excited about.  Cross your fingers!!  And your legs.  And your eyes.  And anything else that will cross:)

October 31- Madly- Since I'm going to be working on Madly's next book, I'm going to try one more time to get Amazon to give it for free.  Back in June, I tried and they never matched that price.  I ended up giving it for free from here.  BUT, I want to try again so that more people will give her a shot.  I really think they'd like her.  Anyway, I'm going to separate the two books next week.  We'll see how it goes.  In the meantime, I plan to start back writing tomorrow or the day after.  Sometimes a break is nice, so I'm enjoying my free days.  Hope everyone is having a great Halloween:)

October 27- The Reckoning- I just sent out ARCs.  After getting a very positive response from my wonderful beta readers, I finished my last edits and finalized it all this morning.  I am happy to say that it will be ready to go on Monday morning!  Woohoo!  Now, on to Madly book 3 and Wiccan book 2...  I am one happy writer!! :D

October 21- The Reckoning- Well, I finished writing today just before lunch.  I wanted to wrap it up and it took me a little longer to do that than what I was expecting.  I went over by almost 10K words.  BUT, it's done now and I started editing.  Even though I'm still a bit behind schedule, I still have every intention of making it available October 31st.  Squeee!  And then, it's on to finish Madly's next book while I work on Wiccan's second and final book.  I'm well on my way, y'all!  Digging out from under... ;)

October 17- The Reckoning- Well, as of this morning, I'm roughly 6,000 words behind schedule.  I think I can make it up.  I hope I can anyway.  I'm going to wait until Wednesday and see where I'm at before I make any rash decisions, like changing the pub date.  I'm crossing my fingers that I can get it done...  I can say with absolute certainty, though, that I will never write another book in this manner.  Apparently, my creative side does NOT like a schedule.  LOL  Who knew??

September 29- The Reaping sequel- Well, I'm officially deep into the story and have every expectation to be finished on time.  Whew!  I was a little worried there for a while.  But, finally, my inner-writer kicked in and pushed my all-play-girl out of the way so I could get down to business.  I've also titled it (pretty sure anyway).  I'm calling it The Reckoning.  *cue the dramatic music*

September 17- The Reaping sequel- I am happy to say that it seems I've made a bit of forward progress.  YAY!!  I finished polishing The Reaping yesterday (will publish the second edition as I publish the sequel) and today I've been working on exactly what I mean to accomplish with this second book.  I think I've got something nailed down and I hope to dive right in later on today.  Wish me luck!  :)

September 9- The Reaping sequel- Well, thanks to my fickle muse, I've hit a bit of a snag.  *sigh*  But, I am getting back in the saddle today.  I still haven't finished polishing The Reaping up for the second edition, but I'm hoping to get back on it this weekend.  Luckily, I gave myself plenty of time to have the sequel done.  I will post again as soon as I start writing.  I'll know more then.

September 3- The Reaping sequel- I got out my notebook full of character and plot details from The Reaping this morning.  I've begun re-reading The Reaping and am making a few notes on where I might like the plot for this one to go.  *crosses fingers*  I'm already liking the direction Carson and Derek are going in my mind.  I think this one's going to be really, really good!

September 2- BLP book 3- So apparently both Amazon and B&N are on the ball.  My book is live on both sites WAAAAY early.  *sigh*  So much for setting a launch date:)  BUT better early than late, right?

September 1st- BLP book 3- Just in case Amazon and B&N take the full 72 hours, I uploaded tonight at like 11:00.  That way, I can be sure it will be available Monday morning;)  Here we go!

August 29th- BLP book 3- Alright, it is 9:45 pm and I have officially finished my major edits.  I am awaiting word from my beta readers, at which time I will hopefully *crosses fingers* be clear to publish for Monday, September 5th.  WOOHOO!!!!  Oh, and I have totally decided to do a book about Lucius as soon as time permits.  I just love him;) 

August 22nd- BLP book 3- I officially started editing today.  I had a very mixed reaction to typing the words "THE END."   On the one hand, it's good to bring closure to the storyline, but on the other hand, it's a little sad that this part of their journey is over.  And mine, too, for that matter.  I didn't tie it up to the point that I can never write about Bo and Ridley again, but it still feels too much like the end.  But, I'm going to let them go.  At least for now anyway;)

August 17th- BLP book 3- I'm almost finished with BLP book 3.  As you can see, I broke over and did the cover early and I'm really glad that I did.  I think that pic totally inspires me:)  Whew!  Is it hot in here?  Hope to have it completed by the end of this week.  *crosses fingers*  Now if I could just keep from getting distracted...

August 4th- BLP book 3- Ok, so life is finally settling back down enough for me to get some writing done and let me just say, *squeeeee* I am thrilled with where the story is going.  OMgosh!  Could Bo get any hotter?  Um, yes. Yes, he can and in this book he does:D  Don't hate me for teasing you.  hehehe

July 20th- BLP book 3-  I've begun an outline for book 3 in the Blood Like Poison series.  I've introduced 2 new characters and it's made me realize how much I love picking out names. It's so much fun!  I'm also going to start reading book 2 again today so that I can get back into Ridley's head before I actually start to write.  I'm so excited!  I will officially be diving into text August 1.